Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Photo Journal~ 7/15/2016

 With all three of my boys on a missions trip in Kentucky it was pretty quite around here.  I did a lot less cooking, dish washing, and laundry.  Lauren and I went berry picking and picked 15 lbs between the two of us.  It was super hot and we tried to go as fast as possible.  I took a few photos with my phone, but we were on a mission to get out of the sun.  So later that day we went to look at our own blueberry.  I freelensed a few photos of Lauren and our growing blueberry bushes. Then it was to the pool to cool down and relax for a bit.

Our mornings were so quiet and this week.  This girl is a walking photo op.  One morning when she had just climbed out of the covers she was a little cold with just her summer nightie on.  She wrapped up in my sweater and I had to capture the moment.

 And when we weren't picking berries and eating them we were picking Queen Anne's Lace in beautiful sunsets.

What a blessed week!

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