Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where I Live….


Where I live you’ll hear on the local radio station updates on loose live stock.  In the AM it may be three loose horses running free on such and such roads and in the PM its probably a BIG BLACK BULL running down the middle of the road with the ever amusing accompanying music of “Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, Get them Doggies Rollin….RAWHIDE!  ( No joking…this really happens).

Where I live, is the only place you kind find the world’s best and most talented Doggy Landscaper Extraordinaire.  She has done a beautiful job on creating her own doggy pond, don’t you agree? 

doggy pond

If your just aching for one of your own, I’ll be more than happy to loan her out to you!

And only where I live would you be able to spend hours dipping for tadpoles in this glorious doggy waterhole.


Where I live, in my good ole’ country neighborhood you just might be awakened at midnight by the sound of four-wheelers blowing down the dirt roads at top speeds.  If it’s not the four-wheelers its probably the Coons holding a wrestling match or the Coyotes doing doggy karaoke.

Where I live its a big treat for my boys to be allowed to stay up late so that they can go worm hunting.  Yep!  It takes great skill to catch the slippery buggers!  I’ve tried it a time or two and I stink at it.  Joel can catch them by the hundreds on a good night. 

Where I live my yard is a whole lot of this….


and this…


No manicuring has ever been done and if it weren’t for the weeds and wildflowers we wouldn’t have much of a lawn!

Where I live I hear the wind rushing through the leaves on the trees.  I hear the rooster down the road crowing.  I hear the birds belting out their musicals. I hear the neighbors dogs barking now and then.  I hear the laundry snapping on the line.  I hear the frogs chrumming in the creek.

I hear peacefulness. 

I feel calm.

I feel GOD!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Scavenger Hunt~ 05/29

This weeks items: Classic Still Life, Self-portrait, On the Floor, Lines, Fresh


Classic Still Life

A few of my favorite things….beautiful old books and tea cups!

still life-w


I had in my mind to do a really fantastic self-portrait.  The week got away from me and so this is what I came up with.  Me at my computer….editing.  With a bit of caffeine refreshment to boost my creativity!  My daughter just came up to me and asked me why my face looked like that.  HMMM! I’m not sure!  I think I was trying to go for the….Yep, I’m at it again look or something of the sort!


On the Floor

A simple documentary style photograph of my daughter playing with a game on our living room floor.



Leading lines…I love all the lines on this old barn that lead to my beautiful friend!




Drops of rain on delicate Soapwort flowers =  fresh and beautiful spring!


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scavenger hunt

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring Happening in our Neck of the Woods


Gardening is S-L-O-W going this year.  Normally I would have at least three-quarters of my garden planted by now.  It has been so wet here that all we have accomplished is to plow and disk the garden.  It is in desperate need of a good rotatilling.

I also have been a bit desperate.  I took my hoe in hand this weekend and worked the ground enough to put in two rows of beans.  Whew! That pooped me out! Talk about tough going.  I couldn’t do any more.

Thankfully I have a portion of the garden that has sandy soil.  A couple weeks ago I was able to put out my broccoli and cabbage. I also got my potatoes, lettuce, chard, and radishes in.  So there are a few things growing out there besides mud and weeds!


We had a break in the clouds today and I was able to get a few shots of the flowers in my flower garden.  Another thing to be thankful for….the flowers haven’t minded the deluge at all.  And all those raindrops on the flowers make for pretty pictures!

This morning after I put a couple loads of laundry on the line, Little Miss and I walked around the yard making the rounds.  We checked on the gardens to make sure the heavy rains hadn’t flattened any plants to the ground.  We checked some newly planted trees and she picked some pretty flowers!



Then we stopped in the rabbit barn.  She blessed the bunnies with a few dandelion greens and I suggested we get out one of the babies.  She didn’t turn me down and she hopped quietly from one foot to the other while I got her a baby to hold.  I had her sit on a log since they are a bit squirmy and have sharp nails.  Thankfully this little squirt was pretty calm and even acted like we were interrupting its morning nap.  We have 24 little fluff balls right now!  I love to watch them.  They are so adorable and soft and cute!  And did a mention fun!  We will be selling quite a few of them as 4-H projects.  Any left over will be used as breeders or meat.


I am so thankful for the spring weather, rain and all!  The birds singing and froggies peeping is pure music.  The glorious beauty of all the green and bright bold floral colors is calming to my soul!  The preciousness of new life is a reminder of our Great, Amazing, Compassionate, God.

Thank you Lord for the beauty of Your earth!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scavenger Hunt~ 05/22


This weeks items: My Passion, Sound of Music, Inner Beauty, Ethereal, Sharp


 My Passion….

Right now I’m passionate about getting amazing Hummingbird shots. I attempted this week.  Not exactly “wowed” by what I came up with, but I’m going to keep at it! These buggers are quick and I know if I stick with it they will help me become a better photographer.



Sound of Music

I love the sound of Canadian Geese, especially in the fall when they fly over our house every morning and evening.  I took this one from my archives (I took this in April), due to an excessively busy week.



 Inner Beauty

I love the blooms on this Phlox!  Hidden in these striped buds is a lot of inner beauty.






This Downy Woodpecker has sharp little gripping feet!

Downy Woodpecker-w


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scavenger hunt

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hello, Where Did the Past Five Years Go?


How did you get to be so tall?

When did your chubby baby cheeks melt away?

Gone are the days of sweet baby talk.  Now are the days of why? And how?

Where did the past five years go?


Open weave hat-Etsy-2 

How did you get so “little girl growin’ into a little lady”?

When did you get so interested in fashion?

Where have the days of 3 or 4 outfit layering gone?

Where have the past five years flown to?




How did you get so good at making me laugh?

When did you start making up songs and belting them out to me while your little body moves to a made up rhythm?

Where did the days of momma being the sole entertainer go?

How did the past five years slip by so quickly?



Gone are the days of your needing me for EVERYTHING.

Now are the days of growing independence and a blooming of YOU!

I know where the past five years are. 

They’re stored in my heart. I see them in my memories.  I feel them in my arms, on my cheeks, in my very being.


I’m holding close to my heart the days I have left of you wanting to be held.  The days when I hold you close to my heart and we dance slowly together around the house.  I’m cherishing the early mornings when you climb in bed with me and snuggle up close.  I’m making time to read more, play more, color more, have tea more. These days are fleeting and I don’t want to miss a single one!  I’m trying to remember your sweet preciousness, because my beautiful daughter, these days are slipping through my fingers like grains of sand.  I’m holding back tears as I think of how quickly your baby years have flown by, but I know there is just as much to look forward to in the years to come. You are my joy, my love, my light, my heart!  I am so thankful for each day the Lord gives us together. May I never take a moment for granted!

Happy 5th Birthday, Baby Girl!

Friday, May 13, 2011

My First Senior Photo Session


This week I had my first ever Senior Photo Shoot!  It was so much fun! What made it even more special is that I love this girl!  She is the sweetest, most beautiful girl!  She is my crocheting buddy. We have spent some wonderful afternoons together crocheting together, sipping on flavored coffee, and chatting the hours away. I love this girl!





Isn’t she Beautiful!  And let me tell you she’s got a heart of gold to go with all that beauty!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I knew

Today I felt the pressures of life looming before me. I felt them mounting a tirade and placing their heavy boot of oppression on my chest.  The day became overbearing. Thoughts of days to come with all their uncertainties and demands pulled me down.

I was hanging laundry on the line running through my list and all the “what if’s” in my head, when I realized I was trying to order my days.  Days that hadn’t even come to be.  I was borrowing trouble.  I was taking control.

Right then and there I took a moment.  I went over to one of my favorite sitting rocks and sunk down to rest.

I closed my eyes and sat.  I bowed my head and whispered one word, “Help!” 

It was then that I felt it.  God’s bright sun warming my back. 


And I heard it.  God’s birds singing praises to Him. 


And I smelled it. God’s fresh, invigorating spring wind. 

bleeding heart-w 

And I knew.  I knew He was with me.  I knew He had taken my burdens. I knew He was in control. And I knew how much He loved me.

Why is it I always snatch back control of my minutes, my days, my weeks, my future?  In these moments of self reliance I turn my gaze away from the very One I am seeking.  I place importance on my ability. I become my own god.  In writing, plain black and white, those words tear at my heart.  Am I so bold as to think I can do all and be all without falling in messy heap?  When stress lays heavy on me, if I truly have my heart aligned with God’s, I should cling to Him more readily.  He is the One I can depend on.  He has ordered my days already. He is my strength, my fortress, my refuge.  He has control of all of my “What If’s”.

Today God reminded me through the beauty of His earth, just how much He loves and cares for me. He knows.  And just knowing that eases my heartache.

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears. Those who look to him are radiant; their faces are never covered with shame.”  Psalm 34:4-5

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Scavenger Hunt~ 05/08


This weeks items: SOOC, Spouting, Isn’t It Ironic, Lazy, Smells Like Spring





Or budding in this case

cherry bud-w


Isn’t It Ironic…

How a yard full of Dandelions can create a beautiful setting! However, make you disgusted when they start blowing their fluff all over the place!





Smells Like Spring


Sweet Almond-w



scavenger hunt

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Friday, May 6, 2011



Green, it’s starting to sprout up everywhere here in our neck of the woods.  I am exceedingly thankful for the varying shades of green budding from the trees.  I am ecstatic about the plants poking their green shoots up through the brown soil.  But, I was really, crazily, happy about this little green moth who decided to spend the night in one of my daffodils.  Poor thing, it was a bit nippy out that evening and I practically put my camera on top of him and he didn’t have the ability to fly away.  Hopefully I didn’t create mental issues for the poor booger! :) 


green moth-w-1

All I can say is YEAH! For GREEN!

live every moment

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Everlasting Love

In the early years of my marriage, I learned to tell myself that my dreams of romance and being swept off my feet were not going to be realized anymore. I had believed, despite all the wisdom that had been shared with me, that my marriage would fulfill my deepest desire to be wanted and loved and be the princess of my prince. The love of my life was still by my side, and I still loved him dearly, but my ideals for our marriage were fading fast.

I was immensely disappointed.

Where were the days of just us, soaking in one another? Gazing at each other in adoration? I remember many days of just missing him, and feeling so lonely even though we were married and lived together. I longed to feel I was someone he couldn’t live without. I desired to know I was his all in all.

Gone were the days of my man coming and spending hours with just me. With marriage, his pursuit stopped. I was busy with college. He was busy with work and the fire department. A new normal began. A normal of just living….

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Right Now


sis-spring-2-2011-w sis-spring-1-2011-w sis-spring-4-2011-w sis-spring-3-2011-w

We are cheering on spring!  It is struggling. Slowly, making it’s way to brighten our days.  There is still a chill in the air.  All our summer attire is still packed away and we are anxiously awaiting the warmth.  Knowing that soon we will feel the warm sun on our cheeks and feel the soft grass tickle our toes.  We will see the trees burst out in full leaves and smell the sweet country air as the heat encourages all the earth to bring forth the scent of new living green.  We know it will come and we wait with open eyes and hearts for it’s arrival.


We watched last night as Joel plowed up the garden.  Finally getting the ground worked, three weeks later than usual, due to the excessive amounts of rain.  It was a beautiful sight seeing the dirt turned over.  Smelling the scent of freshly worked soil. Noticing the variation of color with in the plot of ground was like artwork.  Big furrows tumble over each other right now, but soon after the disk and rotatiller have had their turns it will be smooth…ready and waiting for seeds and plants to be laid upon it.


Right now we are finishing up with school. Two more weeks await and then summer break begins. I have some uberly excited boys on my hands.  Who can blame them! Days spent outdoors exploring the woods, wading in the creek, improving on their fort…sounds like a boys paradise to me!

Here and now I am just Enjoying!  I am taking each day and savoring what the Lord has given me. I am not pushing myself to fit a myriad of things into each day.  I am learning to stay away from the computer and finding I have much more time for the life God has called me to.  I am listening, learning, moving, changing and most of all living for the Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior. He is calling me, beckoning me, holding out his hand to me, showing me SPRING in my life,  and I am following with all my heart!

Cherry blossom-w

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday~ 05/01


I have decided to combine my photography blog Windows To My Soul with my main blog. It has become too time consuming to try to keep up with two blogs, so for now I will be posting a bit more photography here along with my usual ramblings. Here’s hoping I don’t scare a bunch of you off! :)

This weeks items:  Architecture, Rimmed with Light, Toes or Feet, This is my favorite…, Shade(s)


Architecture (of sorts)

tumbled down barn-w


Rimmed with Light

clouds rimmed with sunlight

Toes or Feet



This Is (one of) My Favorite (photography models)…






 scavenger hunt

For more Scavenger Hunt items head on over to Ashley’s at Ramblings and Photos.

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