Thursday, September 30, 2010

Subtle and Poetic

The vivid, various, colors of summer are fading.  My flower beds are filled with more brown stalks than flowers.  Only the hardy few stand scattered among the resting, dull remains of a bright vibrant summer eyed susan-1

No longer can I look out my window and see these striking color combinations.  Slowly with time, nature is changing its coat.

Now when I look around my yard I see the earth clothing itself in a mixture of subtle and poetic.

orange leaf

rose hips-1


Beautiful, golden, warm colors drape from the trees and cling to the ground, reminding me of the changes going on my heart. No longer are these changes so vivid and bright.  They have dulled slightly. Bringing a sense of contentment and willingness to sit back, watch the changes in my life with interest and most importantly to wait. Wait patiently for the Lord and the good He desires for my life.  Looking for the subtle and poetic changes He has in store for me. Because I know they will be just as glorious as the colors of Autumn.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Simple Joyful Delight

leaf catching

Free falling.


leaf catching-1



sis-4   sis-15   sis-16

Bits of colored wonderment.

 sis-11sis-13 sis-9

Simple joyful delight.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bubbling Over


bubbles-5 bubbles-2 bubbles-4

bubbles-3 bubbles-1 bubbles

A science experiment started it all.

My oldest quietly set to work on his experiment.  Everyone continued to work on his or her own subjects until an “Oh Wow!  Look at this!”, interrupted all concentration.

All bodies leapt out of their chairs to exclaim at an amazing bubble delight. Before long each child was equipped with water, dish detergent and a straw (or two).

Bubbles formed up into mountains of airy color, swirling, clinging, popping.

Lessons were learned even if the younger set didn’t quite realize it. The bubble lesson even taught me.

Bubbles like to cling.  “Keep together…Keep together,” they silently communicate. 

“Don’t let go!” 

“Hold on tightly.”

“If you let go, change happens.”  Pop.

Let go?

As in loosen my grasp on what I can control? 

I need to let go of some things.  Loosen my tightly gripped mind. Free God to do what He wills.  Open my heart to changes, whether I see them as good, difficult or impossible. They can only grow me, change me to be more Christ-like.

Instead of clinging to my own desires.  I need to grab hold of God and never let go.  He is who I should be holding on tightly to.  I need to wrap my heart around His, looking for the changes He desires for me.  Clinging tightly to the one who loves me with an unexplainable, unconditional love.

Today I am bubbling over with God’s light and love, excepting His path for me, being translucent, like a bubble so others will see His glory.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fix My Eyes

combine and garden

Lately, I have really struggled to fix my eyes and heart on Jesus.  I get distracted. I let myself get busy.  I ignore the dryness in my heart.  I try to shrug off the lowness of my spirit.  I surround myself with things to do so, that I don’t have to face the lack of connection I am feeling.
It’s painful and it’s me.
I need to fix my eyes and heart on Jesus.  I need to dig deep in the Word.  I need to immerse myself in prayer.  I need to open my heart and listen for His prodding's. I need to set aside a deep, desiring, seeking question of my heart.  I need to stop yearning for an answer and instead search, seek, run, to my Savior.
I’m not looking for a spiritual high.  I just desire to feel, to know, that I am walking along side my Lord. To experience again the comfort of His Spirit.  To feel the solidness of who He is under my feet. 
I need to Fix My Eyes on Jesus.
Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.  Hebrews 12:2

He has given so much for me.  Why can’t I just lay this soul dryness aside and earnestly fix my heart on Him?
Oh Lord, save me! 
I have let this desire of my heart consume me. Yes, it is honest, true and noble.  It could bring glory to You, but it has swallowed me.  My days and minutes are spent delving into the many ways I could fulfill this desire.  Help me to set it aside.  Forgive me for wandering away, for turning my heart from you.  You truly are my rock and fortress, to which I can run in times of peace and trouble.  Open my eyes to you, my creator. You know my every thought, deed and desire.  I know you are working on me through this.  Help me to wait. And whatever the answer may be, help me to accept.  Water my heart with your love and compassion, so that I may bloom more fully for you. Open my the eyes of my heart Lord, so that I may truly see.

In your Holy name,

*Baring my heart and soul today.  Writing it all down to grasp what I am thinking and feeling.  Sharing my shortcomings in hopes that it touches another heart.



This post is part of Walk with Him Wednesday over at A Holy Experience.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

In Celebration


Your deep, soulful, joyful, eyes grab me.

Every time.

Not a day goes by when I am not drawn in by the sweetness I see there.  Your heart is gold, child.  You are tender and loving.  You are caring and kind.

I pray daily that the Lord will use your gentle heart in great ways.  That he will mold you into a young man willing to serve where He sends.  That you will grow to see the full beauty of giving your life and soul fully to the Lord.

You are a treasure to my heart.  A God given gift that brightens my life.

As we celebrate another birthday with you, I am so thankful that you are mine. I love you with a love not easily put into words.  It is deep. It is sweet. It is strong.  It is a love that wells from deep within my heart and overflows my very being.

I love you dear boy! Thank you for being you.

I’m so grateful for another year to gather you in my arms in celebration and thanksgiving of YOU!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Easy Preschool Letter and Number Activities


Each of my children have shown interest and a couple even displayed excitement over learning their letters and numbers.  However, after a short time with a workbook they soon became bored and frustrated.  So, I pretty much do my own thing when teaching preschool levels.

I still buy certain workbooks that cover the basics, but I only use these for review and fillers.  They are not the majority of our learning experience.  In actuality they play a very minor role.

If you have ever tried to buy a preschool workbook you have probably noticed that the areas for printing are VERY small. And there is only a page or two for each letter. If your children are anything like mine, this does not work well.  The fine motor control needed to trace these small letters or numbers usually isn’t developed in a preschooler (at least not in any of mine).  Then they go further and want your child to draw a letter of their own.  My kids could not even come close on this skill when they were young.  And to my thinking why push them on this if they aren’t ready.  Plus my children have always needed more repetition then supplied in preschool workbooks.  I usually spend a week (or two) on a single letter.  I don’t move on until I feel like my child is recognizing the letters with at least 90% efficiency.

Currently, my dear girly and I are working on a letter a week.  We do projects like this:

preschool-1 preschool

I draw out large letters and then place dashed lines on the inside for her to trace. Plus I free-hand a picture of an object that starts with that letter.  Then I place the paper inside a clear protective sleeve, hand her some erasable markers and let her get to work. While she is working we say together, “A says a as in apple”, etc.   I show her the correct way to draw each letter and encourage her to try to connect the dotted lines.

So far we’ve done the letters, “I”, “O”, “A” and “L”.  I keep all the pages inside the plastic sleeve and when its time for review I have her work on the letters we have learned so far.  I like the fact that since we are using the plastic page protector and erasable markers, these pages are reusable.

preschool-2Another letter project we do is painting letters with watercolors.  On Monday, I draw out big block letters on white cardstock and then let her paint.  On Tuesday I cut out the painted letters and she glues them on a colorful piece of paper.  She also glues on pictures that start with that letter sound.

preschool-3All of our letter pages will be bound into a book.  It will make a great colorful way to review all the letters and their sounds.

prescool-2 preschool-5

On Wednesday or Thursday we do an art project that correlates with the letter we are using.  This week we did apple printing. These apple prints will be turned into cards which we will send out to those who need a little pick-me-up.  With letter “I” it could be an Indian headband. With letter “L” we will make a lamb.

Another thing I have her do is draw pictures in a notebook.  Today we were working on letter “A”, so she chose to draw a page full of apples in her notebook.

We are also working on our numbers, but I keep this pretty simple.  Usually I just flip over the letter sheets that are in the page protector and use the back to write the numbers on.

preschool-4I give her shells, beads, crackers, pom-poms, crayons or whatever is handy and she places the correct amount next to the number.  Then she takes her finger and traces over the number erasing it as she goes.  This helps her to remember how to draw the number and what it looks like.  

We also have big number cards that I lay on the floor and then I have her place them in the correct order.

Usually the last item we do in our school routine is a workbook page or two.  She really does like these!  My boys, who did not enjoy coloring, did not. If you have little boys my suggestion is to make your school time more active.  Let them draw big letters with chalk on the sidewalk.  Show them a number card and have them find the correct amount of stuffed animals from their bedroom.  They will get some of their wiggles out while searching for their items!  Playdough was always a big hit with my boys.  Have your children make the letters out of  playdough.  While they create have them help you say the sounds of each. 

The list really is endless if you get a little creative.

Tomorrow we will make applesauce to go with our letter “A” adventure!

And beyond that we will be creating and learning while keeping it as simple and reusable as possible.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Captain Girl Francis


The sun was setting and the wind began to pick up as Captain Marie and Captain Girl Francis climbed the ladder.

The sails were unfurled and the course was set.

Captain Girl Francis, with adventure in her heart and stars in her eyes, led the way.


Out across the sea the two captains sailed, their long hair lifting and swirling in the wind, sea water spraying up on deck. It was a busy time of spotting dolphins swimming along side their boat, taking turns steering the ship, cooking meals and taking naps.  They even encountered engine trouble, but luckily Captain Girl Francis was an able mechanic!


Any troubles that could be dreamt up were quickly righted by the quick thinking Captain Girl Francis.  Captain Marie who was older and not as nimble followed along up and down and all around the boat.  Asking questions and probing for much information.

As the sun began to set, wise Captain Marie suggested they dock their boat for the night and partake of a nice hot bath with a snack to follow.


Reluctantly Captain Girl Francis agreed to call it a night and climbed down from the swing-set fort that had so nimbly sailed the seas providing an imaginative little girl with high adventure.


*All names and adventures provided and elaborated on by Captain Girl Francis the greatest fort sailin’ captain ever to live.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

God Sees


God sees the boo-boos cleaned and bandaged.

The arms wrapped around to give security.

The back rubs given.

He sees the noses wiped and the fevers cooled.

  God sees

God sees the tears dried and kisses planted on tips of noses.

The time spent together learning memory verses.

The giggles and the tickles spread around.

He sees the towels folded and the waiting piles of laundry in the living room.

Gods sees-5 

God sees the lessons taught, the hours of contemplation spent on getting it just right.

The moments spent listening.

The times spent correcting.

He sees the stories read, the hugs given. 

God sees-2

God sees the meals prepared and dishes done.

The clean sheets spread on beds.

The snacks and drinks handed to little hands. 

He sees the toilets scrubbed and sinks wiped clean of toothpaste globs. 

God sees-8 

God sees the toys organized, again.

The arguments solved.

The boredom busted.

He sees the time spent playing tea parties and lego-a-thons.

God sees-6

God sees each and every minute detail in a momma’s day.


God sees the LOVE.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Industriousness As I Lounge


Really, I should have known better than to brag that I had dodged the crud that had claimed my whole family as victims.  But, seriously, I thought I was in the clear.  No one had been sick for almost a week and I was feeling F-I-N-E! 

Until Friday.

Friday visited and brought along, sore throat, headache, and achiness as companions. UGH.

They stuck around and pestered me all weekend long.

I rested, read a little, watched the PBS version of Pride and Prejudice, drank lots of tea,  and crocheted two purple ear flap hats.  One for my princess and one for my sweet, adorable niece.

 sis' hat-1 sis' hat-2 sis' hat-3

I did clean the bathrooms, vacuum and cook a dinner or two, but for the most part, I just sat around.  It’s hard to feel ambitious when it feels like someone has tied weights to all your limbs!


While I’m at it, how about all the other crochet projects I’m working on?  Some finished…Some in progress…

crochet crochet-2

I started this bag last September and finally finished it this summer!  I used the pattern from Lucy over at Attic 24.  If you crochet you have to check out her blog!  She is so generous and shares the patterns she has created.  Which is great for me since I am much less talented when it comes to making up a pattern.

I would have finished my bag this past winter, but I wanted to make it a bit more durable.  I know myself pretty well and figured I would be stuffing quite a bit into this bag.  I figured I would need to reinforce the bag and straps if I was ever going to use it.  However, a hold up occurred because I needed my sister Marisa’s super talented self to help me line the bag.  I had a general idea of how to do it, but I know myself good enough, so I waited! This summer I was finally able take a trip to my sisters house so she could lend her savvy knowledge to the project.

Now I have an awesome crochet bag that holds a WHOLE LOT!


crochet-3Right now I’m working on these granny squares which is another Attic 24 pattern.  Thanks Lucy! These will be made into throw pillows for my bed.



I made this basket of fruits and vegetables for my daughter’s birthday last spring.  This weekend I started working on some breakfast foods.  See the egg peaking out?  I will soon be adding another egg, a cinnamon roll, bacon and toast.

Alright I’m done now.  I was just needing to share all this crocheting madness with someone. Glad I got it off my chest!

What have you been working on?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

This, That and the Other Thing


This week there’s been a little bit of this

sis sissy and Ike



And a little bit of that thing called paper making…

paper-1 paper-2 paper-3


paper-5 paper 

And a little bit of the other thing which we call mommy brilliancy(insert sarcasm here)……

I’ve seem to have some sort of unexplainable, magnetic, inevitable, lack of intellect when it comes to heat sources.  One day this week I was getting ready to take the boys to piano lessons and I decided I should probably do something with my hair since the humidity had given me a bozo the clownish halo around my face.

I plugged in my curling iron, waited a few minutes and then preceded to pick it up to smooth my hair into some semblance of order and slickness.  As the curling iron neared my face I caught a whiff of overly hot metal.  I even brought it close to my nose and sniffed it. I opened it and inspected the barrel and found nothing peculiar.  So, I continued on.  As soon as I clamped it down on my hair, smoke started curling upwards.  I let out a minor shriek and quickly took the hot iron off of my bangs. I quickly looked at the curling iron to see how much hair I had singed off.  It wasn’t horrible, so like any genius, I figured I just probably needed to turn it down a notch or two (uh duh…it was the same setting I always use).  After about half a minute I preceded with much lack of intelligence to attempt to curl my hair again.

Not Good.

Smoke and stench arose from my head.  This time I succeeded in removing a significant portion of my bangs.  They clung in shriveled stinky strands from my curling iron and as I touched my hair strands disintegrated and flecked into the sink.

Oh the smell that filled my bathroom and bedroom.  UGH! Not to mention the fact that I was now short on time and my whole head stunk.  I quickly plugged in my other curling iron and attempted some sort of damage control. 

It wasn’t pretty.

My bangs looked pretty fried.  I now am missing portions of my bangs, but I must say I gave myself something similar to a razor cut!  HMMM! And now that all the incinerated pieces have fallen out they look pretty snazzy!

However, I would not recommend this haircutting technique to just anyone, as it tends to leave a unique odor floating off ones head.

As for my, afore mentioned issues with heat sources your gonna have to go here back to when I first started blogging to read all about it.

Oh, and there was that one time, in high school Chemistry, when I caught my hair on fire. Bunsen burners are pretty hot ya know!

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