Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Last Hurrah for Summer

We took one final trip last month; a parting hurrah for summer.  Since it was technically fall it felt good to pretend we were still in summer, even if it was only for the weekend.

We got our vintage camper all spiffed up packed it very lightly (which we laughed about later because we felt like novice campers, which we aren't) and set out for a weekend of just being together.

Those looks are pure longing for the hobo dinners sitting on the edge of the fire ring.  Those little boogers come out crazy hot from being buried in the coals, but the waiting is well worth it.

This man!  He saw this photo and said, "Holy wrinkles."  I say, "Ah, yes! I love every single one of them!"  Twenty-six years together (twenty-two of them married) and I wouldn't trade any of the wrinkles we have earned together.


Good times!
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