Monday, September 28, 2009

Touching God


One day when my oldest son was 3 years old I walked into the dining room to find him standing in the middle of the table.  He was reaching up high, stretched to his full capability.  When I asked him what he was doing he responded, "I'm trying to touch God!"

How precious a child's faith is.  The lessons we can learn from them abound if we only take the time to listen and apply their simple words and faith to our lives.

...Jesus said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.  I tell you the truth, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it."  And he took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.  Mark 10:14-16


As moms we feel pulled in many directions and often what gets left behind is our relationship with the Lord.  As a mom of four, I know that time is a precious commodity! Therefore, in my walk with the Lord I have found that simplicity works best.  I keep in mind my son standing on the table with the greatest intent on reaching God. That's what the Lord wants for you and me.  He wants us to come to him with a trusting, believing, loving heart just as a child would. 

Over the years I have struggled to find just a smidgen of quiet time to spend with the Lord. I haven't perfected it yet, but here are a few ways that I try to build my relationship with God throughout my days...

~Before nap time, I pull my little one into my arms and sing some of her favorite Sunday School songs. As I continue I mix in a few of my favorite hymns and give my heart, soul and mind to God in praise.  Not only will does this relax my daughter and prepare her for resting, but I benefit from the feeling of peace and God's presence.

~Before my feet hit the floor each morning I take a moment to call upon the Lord to lead me through my day.  If my toddler isn't jumping up and down on my abdomen demanding her breakfast, I take a bit longer and pray for my husband and each of my children.

~I make time in my day for Bible study.  This is an area that I struggled with for years.  I had every intention of spending time in the word each morning, but inevitably, I would have children in bed with me or I would fall asleep after reading a verse or two.  After many years of attempting to do it this way, I have found that the best time for me is after all the children are in bed. I read a short devotional and a short section from the Bible and then ponder those little bits.

~I write down verses that speak to me or have meaning for my life then I memorize them.  I quote them often throughout my day.

~My prayer life always seems to be severely lacking and something I am continually trying to strengthen. When I try to pray at the end of the day, yes, you guessed it, I fall into a deep sleep! So, I send up prayers while I'm doing laundry, the dishes or taking a shower. If I hear of someone in need I stop what I am doing, gather my children who are near me and I pray.  I send up words of thanksgiving sometimes quietly and other times out loud to help my children remember the importance of praise.


These activities aren't anything dramatic or time consuming, but when used throughout the day they help to keep me focused on the One who desires a deep relationship with me. My days become centered on Him.  Not only do I benefit from His strength, compassion and guidance, but so do my children. 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Recyclable Art


We have been a whirlwind of activity this week.  We are steadily (thankfully not frantically... yet) finishing up our 4-H projects. This year we did a project in recyclable art.  I was extremely happy with the results! 

Since they turned out so cute and were very manageable for my 10 and 12-year-old boys, I thought I would share this craft with you. 

Materials needed:

Clean coffee, soup or any metal recycled can

Stencil or template


Hammer and nail


Wire for hanging

Spray paint

Step one:

Using your stencil as a guide, place dots on the can.  We used a star and  just placed the dots around the template so that the shape of the star would be recognizable.  If your really talented, you can freehand it or have your children make their own design.

Step two:

Fill your clean can with water (leave room for expansion) and place in the freezer.  Freeze till solid.

Step three:

Lay a thick towel down on a hard surface. (We just used the kitchen table.)  Place your frozen can on the towel.  Take the hammer and using the nail piece holes in the can where you placed your dots.  This was super easy to do. Since the metal was cold it pierced really easy.  I'm pretty sure young children could do this very easily with the help of an adult.

Step four:

Let it melt and then dry it off really good.

Step five:

Spray paint. Let dry.  We applied about 2 coats.

Step six:

Run a wire handle through the top.  **Don't forget to punch holes for this while the can is frozen.  We did forget on one and it was pretty hard to get holes in after the can had thawed.


We were able to make every bit of ours from recycled materials.  We used paint from a previous project.  Wire that Joel's work place was throwing out. And candles using recycled glade candle holders and chunks of old pillar candles. 


The last thing I did was to put velcro (the very thin variety) on the inside bottom of the can and on the bottom of the candle so that the candle wouldn't slide from side to side.

And there you have it, a pretty luminary! I'm might just have to throw a bon fire party, so that I can hang these beauties up in one of our trees and watch them glow!

Monday, September 21, 2009

To My Love


To My Sweet Boy,

You are a light in my life.

Your smiles brighten our days. I can't get enough of those deep dimples and dark chocolate eyes. I cherish how you easily flash a big bright smile that can shine a light on even the darkest days. I want to hold you in my arms and sear these days into my memory.


I love your joyfulness in the simple things. You easily find simple pleasures in your days and delve into them wholeheartedly. I secretly watch you when you play and am amazed at your imagination. You can take two little toys and make a whole exciting adventure.

Every day you share with me words of love and affirmation. Not a day goes by that you haven't told me that I am the best mom you could ever have. Even on the days when I know I haven't even come close to earning that title, you still shower me with your love and affection. Oh sweet little one, I can learn so much from your unconditional love.

So, today on your 8th birthday, I give you my love. Pure and simple. You sweet boy are my sunshine and fill me with a joy that words can't begin to describe.

I love you!



Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rugged Beauty


Bluest of blues transform to shades of green.

Sunlight shimmers like a million diamonds.

Calming winds whisper through dancing grass.

Silky sand sifts beneath my feet.

Rugged beauty grips me heart and soul.






If you ever get a chance to visit the Upper Peninsula of Michigan don't turn it down.  We have just returned from a wonderful week of vacation.  It was relaxing, beautiful, calming, and just what I needed! 

Last week as we were traveling along the coast of Lake Superior, I saw a sign at the end of a driveway.  It simply said, "Sweet Peace." Those two words sum up all that I feel about the UP.

I'll be looking forward to next year when I can once again soak up the beauty and sweet peace of the Upper Peninsula.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Late Summer Beauty



This little beauty is called Grass-of-Parnassus. It grows down by our stream. It is about 3/4 if an inch across from petal to petal.  A solitary flower grows on top of a nearly leafless stem.

It's small beauty is what made me notice it in the first place. But, what really drew me to it after it caught my eye, was the green striping down its white petals!

You just have to love God's creativity!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Of Winding Yarn and Imaginary Hunting Trips

For whatever reason, tonight my dial-up connection is SUPER slow. I thought I would relax just a bit and try to catch up on my blog reading.

Not to be.

I will be lucky if I can get two read.  It is taking 10 minutes or more to load the pages, if I'm lucky. Most of the time I am getting a "can't display" pop-up.

So, while I am waiting I am rolling a skein of yarn into a ball.  I am beginning work on a multi-colored crocheted hand bag. But, more on that later.

As I am sitting staring at my yarn, winding as fast as I can and glancing at the computer screen to see if any progress has been made, my boys are putting up hunting shelters all around me.  They have strategically placed stuffed animals around the house and are searching them out bows in hand!  Lauren is joining in.  She has her favorite back pack over flowing with her stuffed animals and she is carting them around to various locations, chattering away as she moves.

I treasure nights like these.  Calm, slow, relaxing.  No rushing. No place to be.  Just home, with those I love best.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why I Love Living In The Country


I love simplicity. Living in the country does that for me. I like to walk out my door and breathe in the deep, filling my lungs with crisp, clean air.  I enjoy taking leisurely walks on the road in front of my home, as my children race ahead on their bicycles.


I treasure being able to have my windows open at night and hearing the tree frogs singing, the hoot owls hooting, and the crickets serenading me to sleep.


I accept with gratitude the blessing of being able to walk out my door and pick quart upon quart of wild black raspberries that grow along the edges of the grass field.


I enjoy hanging up the laundry on a warm summer day, taking it down when its dry,  burying my nose in the warm, sun dried fabric, and inhaling the fresh, crisp scent of summer.


To me country living is simplicity.

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