Monday, August 31, 2009

Worn Out~ Part II


Last week I wrote a post about being weary, bone-tired, exhausted and ready to give up.  I wanted to share what I was feeling that day even though it wasn't pretty or picture perfect.  It was me.  It was how I was feeling at that moment.  It wasn't a proud moment.  It was just an honest look into my life.

I wanted to portray myself as I really am.  Faulty.  I'm not perfect. I fail. I mess up and feel guilty about it. I'm selfish. I sometimes desire my needs and wants above those in my care. I'm weak. I'm broken. But, most importantly I'm loved.

It's an amazing, astounding, mind-blowing kind of love. God loves me even when I am at my most unlovable. He envelopes me with His compassion.  He doesn't hide His face from me when I am ungrateful and selfish, but rather comes near so that I can feel his presence.

Psalm 18:35 says,

You give me your shield of victory, and your right hand sustains me, you stoop down to make me great.

My sister, Marisa, shared this verse with me on a day when I felt like I couldn't and didn't want to go on.  What an amazing promise from God's word! And what perfect timing for my sis to share a verse with me that I so desperately needed.

On the days when my attitude is needing a bit of a boost, I can claim this verse.  God will give me victory over crankiness! He will give me the strength I need to go on.  He will sustain me, carrying the weight of my troubles. But, what touches me the most is that He will stoop down to make me great!


A grumpy, discontent momma?

God's love for me, a sinner, makes my heart soar!  And it's molding me into a great woman, wife, daughter, sister and momma!

Friday, August 28, 2009



The LORD is good to all: and his tender

mercies are over all his works.

Psalm 145:9



Thursday, August 27, 2009

Worn Out

I know, as a rule, I should keep my posts upbeat, but I also think a good dose of honesty is key for helping other mom's see past the facade. So with that said...

I am so tired.

I'm tired of cooking. I'm tired of cleaning.  I'm tired of responsibilities.  I'm tired of trying to keep it all together.

I'm worn out.

I want to sit and hear silence. I want to read a book and not feel guilty about it. I want children who behave like angels. I want a perfectly clean house.

I know it's not a great attitude to hold on to. It can only bring discontent and strife into my life and my family's. Yet, there are days when it just seems to grip me and steal my joy.

That's why I need strength.  I need wisdom.  I need patience.  I need God.

When I face days where I feel devoid of all strength and desire to do what momma's do, I need my Savior.  He alone can fill me up, adjust my attitude, strengthen me, and set me back on the path for another leg of this journey.

I cannot do this alone.  There is too much required of me.  If and when I try to tackle being a mom to my four children on my own, the results are always the same...exhaustion.

Psalm 62:5-6 says,

Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.

I claim this verse and repeat it over and over. When I am weary, overloaded, stressed, angry or sad this verse supplies hope.  I am not alone.  God is with me even on the days when I am desiring to be anything but a momma.

When I take the time to focus on God and his strength, I find that I am less weary, more content and less likely to wish I had a different vocation! 

God is the light I reach for on those dark days.  How about you?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Days


We started school yesterday. 

Thanks to Jamie, posting her back to school pictures, I remembered to take my children outdoors for a mini photo shoot!  I took about 35 pictures. I figured no one would want to look at all 35, so here are my four of my favorites.


Isaac chose to climb a tree for his first day of school picture.


Jacob leaned up against the basketball post.


Caleb rested on top of his favorite rock.


And I stuck Lauren under one of the bushes in our backyard.

~May God bless us as we begin another year of learning and growing~


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taking Time to Enjoy


The humidity took a leave of absence so that we could enjoy being outdoors without feeling like each breath took a concentrated effort.

Lauren and I took advantage of the day!

We laid out a blanket, filled her water table, and brought out a snack and cold drinks.

I gathered up my crocheting and some school books I needed to look through for Jacob.


And we did this...


A little cloud watching~


A bit of flower admiring~



And a whole lot of talking and being girly!


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Just Peachy

Because I don't have enough to do and we were feeling a little silly...


I present to you Mr. Protuberance P. Peach!

He has been the source of much giggling and taking of bets to see who would get the privilege of devouring him. Alas, we will never know because this wise momma, who presides over the hooligans, cut him up and put him in a jar!

I just finished canning the last of the peaches this morning. I am pleased to say that I was able to can 18 quarts of peaches, make 2 batches of peach jam, whip up a peach crisp and still have a few for fresh eating, all from one bushel of peaches! YEAH!


We LOVE peach jam! It is absolutely scrumptious and super easy to make.

If you haven't canned before don't fret. You don't need anything special or expensive. All you need to purchase are jars, canning lids, screw on bands, pectin and peaches. They great thing is that the jars and screw on bands are re-usable!

Peach Jam

8-12 peaches or enough to make up 4 cups of fruit.

1 box of powdered pectin

5 1/2 cups sugar

2 Tablespoons lemon juice

Wash jelly jars of pint jars in hot soapy water. Place them in a stock pot and cover them with water. Place on stove and bring to a boil. Once boiling turn heat down and keep them nice and hot.

Place a large pot, filled 3/4 of the way full with water, on the stove and bring to a boil.

While waiting for the water to boil wash your peaches and check for ripeness. I usually do this by sniffing them (they should smell peachy) and by applying light pressure, if they are ripe they will give just a little. You don't want to use under ripe fruit that is as hard as a baseball.

Once water is boiling place peaches carefully into the water and cook for 1 minute. Remove peaches and place them in a large bowl of cold water, set in your sink. Run cold water over them for at least a minute.

Taking a knife cut around the peach. The skin should come right off and if your peaches are a cling-free variety they should come of the pit easily. Place peach slices into a blender. Or if you desire a chunky jam mash your peaches with a potato masher and skip the blender.

Blend peach slices until smooth. You will need 4 cups of the blended peaches so measure as you go.

Place peaches in a heavy, large pot (6-8 quarts). Place on high heat and stir in the pectin. Bring to a full boil.

Place canning lids in hot water and keep warm.

Gradually stir in the sugar. Continue stirring and bring to a rolling boil and boil for 2 minutes.

Remove pan from the heat skim off any foam (I personally skip this step). Immediately fill your hot jars to about 1/4 from the top. Wipe around the rim to remove any jam. Place lid on top and screw down the band tightly. Invert the jars on a towel. Continue till all jars are filled and then set timer for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes flip jars back to upright position.

And that's it! Now just listen for the glorious popping of sealing jars!

Let jars set undisturbed for 24 hours.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rainy Day


 When you wake up and the day looks like this...100_6050

There can only be one solution...


 100_6059 100_6045

Build forts~ in several different locations, if possible!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Taking Charge



Ever have a day when you just want to lay down and give up.  Bury your head under a pillow and somehow erase the ever building list in your mind?


Me too!


That was my day yesterday and the day before and the day before.  I'm pretty sure I've met my quota for those type of days already, yet they continue to come.

I have so much left undone. I accomplish one task and three take its place. I lack the energy and ambition to start these big jobs and no the walls of my home will not crumble and fall if I don't do them.  But, if I leave them undone, I feel undone.

With the beginning of our school year fast approaching I'm feeling the squeeze to get it all finished before I have to focus on my role as teacher (which, by the way, can consume a day pretty easily).

Well, no more! I'm taking charge. I'm lifting my head up high, pulling together all my resources and I'm getting it done. I'm finished with just wandering around looking at and dwelling on what I need to do and wondering where I should possibly start. I'm going to take the initiative and jump in even though my hearts not in it. Why? Because each time I can cross something off my list, I feel a weight removed.  It's almost like a physical pat on the back and it spurs me on to get more done.

I've made my list and I'm going to organize my time. I won't get it all done in a flury of activity. But, I will tackle my list one item at a time. I will feel great success as I cross off each job as its done. I will succeed in pulling my head out of a fog and focusing on a job well done.

I will, I will...

Well I guess I will...

Get busy!

(*can somebody just come and prod me along?!)


May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the work of our hands for us-- yes, establish the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17

**Update** Be forewarned...if you write on your blog that you are unmotivated you will be tested... This afternoon I took down all my antique tea kettles, pots, tins and glassware from above my kitchen cabinets, washed them, replaced the newspaper under them, wiped off the dust and grime from the rim of the cupboards, and put everything back up.  Just as I was climbing down, dusting off my hands, giving myself that pat on the back, I noticed water seeping out from under my dryer. Oh yeah!  My washer had sprung a leak.  Yes, I had planned on cleaning under those appliances at some point. It was on the list.  But, no, I had planned on doing it today.  I am beat people, but my laundry room is sparkling clean (and dry). And so are all my pretties above my kitchen cupboards. Wow, two big jobs in one day! Who would have thought I could do it! I think I deserve a bubble bath!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



We're really not into the "spend the night at a friend's house" thing. 

However, once every summer we do this...



My boys love this! They look forward to it all year long. They plan and dream and can hardly stand it until the day comes when they can have their buddies come for a day and night full of noise, action and hyperactivity!

So, for 24 hours I will be surrounded by 6 rambunctious, but wonderful boys (my Caleb is missing from above picture).  There will be water fights, baseball games, exploring, movies, lots of laughter and......




One little girl in the midst of it all!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Summer's End

I've been hearing the Cicadas in the trees. Their bursts of chatter remind me that fall is on its way. I delight in hearing the noise these bugs create. It reminds me to grasp hold of the warm days remaining and relish them. Their song tells me I need to take the last few free days and spend them with my children. It stirs in me the joy and excitement I always feel when the seasons change. And reminds me of the awesome God who created the beauty all around me.

For me, there's nothing quite like the end of summer. It's a mixture of nostalgia and hope. I begin to feel the stirrings of longing for an extension of the freedom of the long summer days, yet I also feel a yearning for the comfort and structure that comes with the cool autumn days.

Yesterday, as I was sitting on the front steps of my house I got to experience one of my favorite end of the summer activities...


husking corn with my daughter!

She was so funny! She was determined to help get the husks off the corn, but they were stuck fast. Finally, she decided a better job for her would be removing all the "hairs" from the corn!

Pretty soon I will be picking enough corn from my garden to fill my laundry baskets and I will gather all my children around me to help me husk the corn. It brings back precious memories of my own childhood when my sisters and I would gather around my dad and help him husk the corn. To me it isn't a chore, but a joyful time full of laughter, working together and knowing I am helping to provide for our family.

So there you have it...I am enjoying and cherishing the end of summer and looking forward to what autumn has to offer!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Corn You Find Us?

I know that is such a corny title!!! But I just had to do it!

Another busy day is ahead of me; full of grocery shopping, visiting my great aunt and a cook-out this evening. But, I wanted to post this summer fun picture...


Caleb and Lauren were having fun hiding out in Grandpa's corn field that is right next to our property! The corn is so tall! It is at least 2 feet taller than me. I remember the warm summer days when I would hide in the corn. It's a nature made hide-out! What could be more fun!

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