Saturday, February 13, 2016

When She Reads I Get Giddy

I've known since she was an infant that she was slightly behind.  She didn't smile for a long time or even respond when we talked to her.  Help was suggested.
We took it.
After a year she graduated out of the program.
She was smiling and responding, beginning to communicate.

At age five, when I began teaching her the sounds of the alphabet I knew that there was a possibility of her having dyslexia like her brother.  But, as we progressed through the year I could tell that her difficulties were not from dyslexia.  It seemed to be more of a maturity and readiness issue.

She is now in fourth grade and our patience and perseverance have paid off.

Two weeks ago I found her reading a book!  She had asked me earlier in the week to pull some books off of our school library shelves that she would be able to read.

Then when I saw her sitting and reading and enjoying, my heart did a fist pump!

I was giddy! Overjoyed! On cloud nine!  I was all the cliches of happiness.

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