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Scavenger Hunt~ 03/18

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On every old farm there used to be a dump. Where I live now is part of what used to be my grandparents farm and this farm is no exception.  The boys went exploring in the old dump spot the other day and found this old bleach bottle. Now I just need to see if I can clean it up!



Word or Quote



Nature’s Own

The unseasonably warm weather has made everything POP! We have many Pussy Willow trees behind our house and the other afternoon I slipped on my flip flops (some boy commandeered my rubber boots) rolled up my pant legs and slowly worked my way through the swamp and briars so I could get some shots of these beauties.

pussy willow-1-w


Two of my favorites!



Photographer’s Choice

My middle son went frog hunting the other day and I just had to get a shot of this cool guy. What I really love is the reflection of my kids in the frogs eye!


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  1. The frog looks really "handsome", the reflection in its eyes adds further to its value.

  2. What a beautiful set! I love your frog!! He is perfect!

  3. fabulous shots every one; I love the plants but the frog is very special

  4. So pretty Jen and I love the new pictures on your blog up top!!!

  5. What glorious captures this week. That frog looks like he is going to come right out through my computer screen. Your picture of the children is wonderful as is the jug. And then the flora....your photography is superb. genie

  6. Gorgeous set, love your word and nature's own, so gorgeous, well worth the swamp trip. Your frog is awesome, I love the reflection in his eye!

  7. Love all of these -- but that frog photo is amazing! Great shots!

  8. Having grown up on a farm, I loved the old dump site. There was a car underground that we never completely dug up!

    Sweet shots all.

  9. That frog is super awesome! Wonderful photos!

  10. Wonderful shots! We found a bottle dump on some property we bought, but so far have only dug up broken pieces.

  11. I am glad you pointed out the reflection in the frogs eye, I would not have noticed that. Great photos, Laura

  12. I am glad you pointed out the reflection in the frogs eye, I would not have noticed that. Great photos, Laura

  13. Great job! I agree with everyone that the frog shot is pretty spectacular!

  14. Great group of pictures. I love the frog picture.

  15. I totally love all of these, but being a nature nerd I am in love with that last shot and the reflection of your kids in his eyes is the icing on the cake! nice job...

  16. Beautiful photos, but the frog photo is really great.

    Regards and best wishes

  17. All of your pictures are really beautiful. Awesome set! I can't even pick a favorite.

  18. Oh my gosh...I love every single one of these. That frog!!

  19. WOW! Each of your shots is.... just... WOW!
    Loved your set!

  20. Great shots! That is the second frog I've seen. Your pic is just as awesome as the other one. Love the nature's own shot.

  21. These are all fantastic! But that frog is just amazing.

  22. Although I generally cotton to the pics of the kids this time I'm quite smitten with that prince of a frog!!!

    What a fabulous shot that is girl!!! You should be proud of it...I am!

    God bless and have a great week sweetie!!! :o)

  23. Your processing is always so beautiful - love this entire collection.

  24. The frog is amazing!!
    On a random note for cleaning your bottle, I have read that crunched up eggshell works great for cleaning gunk off the inside of bottles...I have yet to try it though.

  25. Oh, wow! I didn't notice the reflection at first! Way cool!

  26. Happy Birthday Jenn, hope you had an awesome day!

  27. Ok, I LOVE all the photos, but WOW, the photo of the frog with the reflection of your kids is just wonderful.

    Thanks for this fresh start to a new day.

    All joys,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green island

  28. Love the pussy beautiful! And that frog...with that reflection in his great is that?! :)

    Trust all is well? Been praying for you....



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