Tuesday, April 9, 2013

An Itty Bit of Spring



PussyWillows-text-SycamoreLane Photography-001



Yesterday evening, right before dusk, I was blessed with a few free minutes.  I grabbed my camera and headed out the door.  The wind was coming in chilly gusts and the conditions weren’t perfect for trying to capture nature in photos.  I spent a lot of time waiting between gusts.  Focusing was difficult  with everything moving, but I had seen the Pussy Willows from my kitchen window earlier in the day.  I wanted to capture them as the sun went down.  I spent about 45 minutes outside a good portion of that just waiting for the right moment.

By the time I got back inside my toes were going numb, my fingers were stiff, and my nose was running, but it was well worth it!





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I used Kim’s textures KK_minus43 and KK_1402magic for this photo.


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  1. Love those warm golden tones - very nice!

  2. I bet it was on your mind all day too! Glad you got the chance to capture it!
    Beautiful :)

  3. Your patience paid off! It's beautiful.

  4. How nice...I just bought Caroline Kennedy's book on poems to memorize.

  5. Beautiful photography and dito edit, with a lovely quote to match!

  6. Your wait was worth it! This is beautiful and very nice quote. :)

  7. It's actually kind of nice hearing how much work goes into your photos. Just looking at them in your posts, I always take for granted how beautiful they are and forget that you likely spent that much time trying to get that one perfect shot. It's worth it though!

  8. Beautiful lighting. Great shot.

  9. Hello -- coming from TT - your image is beautiful with the light touching the smallest part of the plant - LOVE the detail with the golden tons..

  10. Beautiful! Love the way the sun comes in.


  11. Your post reminds me a beautiful Southwestern evening where I would love to just sit and ponder the day's events. Very nice.


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