Wednesday, February 2, 2011



It is a grand joke where my husband works that whenever bad weather arrives all the kids except for those who attend Juniper Hills Academy (our homeschool) will get a day off from school.

Yeah…I guess I’m known for being a stickler.

We have NEVER taken a snow day, but something weakened in me on Tuesday when I promised the kids that if we got A LOT of snow they could have Wednesday off.  The weather man didn’t lie.  We got quite a bit of snow and a WHOLE lot of blowing and drifting. 



Sometimes even homeschool kids need a snow day.

 valentines activities

So, we spent the day making yarn hearts and rock candy and sugar cookies and home made rolls.

When we weren’t being crafty or busy stirrin’ up something in the kitchen, we were being lazy.

But, hey, that’s what snow days are for…Right!


  1. Hurray for a snow day!! Sounds fun!

  2. Ms. Jenn - your wonderful Children will remember this snow day and all the fun and memories you created. Y'all just getting hammered with snow. Be safe and stay warm and I suppose Thursday it's back to the books.

  3. You are so right! That's what snow days are for. We've been way too lax lately...neeeeed to get back to work HARD. I don't have snow for an excuse-errr, reason--but does a wild baby and maniac preschooler count for anything?? LOL

  4. Our neck of the woods hasn't seen snow like that. Wow.

    Such a cutie-patootie! :)

  5. Yes, mom give them a break occasionly. Make it a craft day then their still learning right.

  6. We took a couple half days! :) Sometimes, Mom's need a snow day, too! :)

  7. you go girl!

    That's just too cool!

    I'm smiling greatly, because my husband says the same darn thing!

    I look at it like we take some park and play days during the year with friends and so when snow comes, it gives us all the more reason to do school. But...
    with children, they don't and so...
    we mamas need to loosen up a bit and go with the flow;)

  8. Good for you! My husband and I were both homeschooled growing up and I don't either one of us ever got snow days! And I'm not sure where your're from, but I think most of the country has been snowed in this week! Oh, and I LOVE that first photo of all the snow. Great shot.

  9. We try to do the same, but when hubby's a public school teacher and he's out, that is difficult. They missed 6 days at the beginning of the year. I let the kids off 1 full day and then out early on another day. It's hard to have school with Daddy home anyway; lots of jokes, fun, and interruptions.

  10. I LOVE Lauren's apron. Did you make it??

    and that snow photo is gorgous. I'm glad you had a snow day.... ;)

    sounds like you had just as much fun having the day off of school as the kiddo's did.

  11. Actually, your day sounds educational in it's own way! Looks like you had a great time. And rock candy was such a fun treat as a kid!

  12. Jenn:
    Even moms need a snow day once in awhile and how fun for the kids! Can you Email me with how you do your home schooling and what programs you use? I am thinking about doing home school with my grands!

  13. ....and besides, cookin' counts as life skills!!! (These are the words I hear outta our 11yr. old Joel Monday) My grandkiddos were busy workin' ahead last Monday to 'earn' a snowday!!! My sweet DILove understands too that even homeschooled students need a 'snowday'!!! :o)

    God bless ya sweetie, and enjoy your day!

  14. That picture really speaks SNOW. WOW.

    And it sounds like you had quite a productive day. A snow day over here would include ALL LAZY-no bakey, no crafty. True confession :)

  15. Everyone needs a snow day and it sounds like yours was fun and relaxing!

  16. I remember dipping yarn in Elmer's! LOVE that last photo.

  17. it seemed that i kept just as busy when
    we weren't doing school as when we did.
    i remember piles of wet snow clothes by
    the back door and happy voices!

  18. Wow Jenn that is a ton of snow but so pretty as long as you can have a snow day and don't have to drive in it! Eventhough it was a day "off" it sounds like you still managed to be pretty productive. Good for you and hey how do you make yarn hearts?

  19. Yaaay for snow days! How about rain days...we could take one of those! LOL! ;-)

    Love to you!

  20. Sounds like Bliss. What a good momma you are!


  21. I awarded you on my blog!


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