Saturday, August 31, 2013

Picking Some Fruit

The long corn leaves from our first planting of corn have lost there verdant green, they are a motley combination of faded green and brown.  The bean plants are withering and my cucumbers are brown snaking vines devoid of leaves.  But, the Lima Beans are still perky and full of life. Yesterday as I was picking the plump, slightly dried pods off of the plants, the sound of my garden in this season became so evident to me.
In the spring as I worked the soil the air was full of animated bird chatter and fresh winds slipping by the leaves.  Through the early summer weeks my ears picked up the tree frogs’ songs, the soft shifting of hot wind through the vibrant green, and a more muted bird song.  Now with my head down I am lulled into such peace by the consistent hum of the Cicadas, sweet chirping of the crickets, the rustle of green turning brown, and the foretelling call of the Canada goose as it flies over head.

A sigh escapes through my smiling lips.  It’s perfect.

SycamoreLane Photography-Garden

It doesn’t even matter that the weeds have taken over.  It’s the season.  In the spring I have my hoe, the tiller, and my kids and we work to keep the weeds at bay.  In early summer the garden still is for the most part weed free, but by late summer I have learned to surrender the battle.  I can’t preserve, teach school to my children, and keep the garden in a pristine manner.
So the weeds win.
The other day I laughed as I picked corn because there were weeds up to my shoulder.  In years past I wouldn’t have laughed.  There would have been frustration at the mess and my lack of time to take care of it.  But, thank you Lord, I am learning!  Those weeds instead of bringing me angst brought me laughter.
How true this can  be of our daily lives.
The enemy likes nothing more than to trip us up, to grow weeds within us that are chin high.  He’s got his own set of weeds; tall, tangling things he attempts to lash around us so that our fruitfulness is lessoned; in these moments we have a choice.

SycamoreLane Photography- garden-1

We can surrender to angst and defeat or we can throw them far from us, laugh and fight back with a fruit of the spirit. 
I am learning that when I am irritated I have a choice.  When I am angry, frustrated, sad, defeated… I can choose to go under or I can choose to fight back with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, or self control. 

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.  Galatians 5:22-23a

This much quoted verse is not new under the sun, I know!  But, I do think it is under used.  In each situation that my days bring before me, I literally ask, "Holy Spirit what fruit do I need to pick and utilize in this situation?  Do I need to use love when Joel gets me riled up?  Do I need to use self control when my children have me frustrated?  How about picking some peace from that tree and actually using it when my days feel like they are unraveling fast."

It’s phenomenal how the Holy Spirit works when I allow Him, too!

I think today I'll be grabbing up some juicy fruit, taking aim, and firing. With God on my side I know they will hit the target and splatter with success.

Nastiness doesn't stand a chance!


  1. Yes! A choice. Trying to pick the right kind of fruit today!

  2. garden is so stinking ugly right now.
    I have not even shared any photos this year because of it!
    Just not enough time.
    But, oh well.
    Life is full and so are our tummies.
    Love your perspective.

  3. I do the same thing. My Aug 1st, I pretty much just let the weeds have their way. By then, my plants are well established and can withstand the onslaught. I was proud of myself for letting it go and not killing myself just so my garden "looked good". I'm learning to do the same with my house. I don't mind fruit among the weeds as long as the fruit is winning! Great post, Jenn!


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