Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to June

The heat of summer brings neglect to my flower garden.  The weeds and produce grow so quickly in my vegetable garden that all other gardening is put on hold.  Then when school is thrown into the mix… well there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  The numerous times I have walked past my flower garden in the past week has shown me that summer is truly winding down.  My flowers are fading and with it all the bright splashes of color and fragrance.

The summer has once again slipped by so quickly.

Normally I post pictures all summer long of the beauty that surrounds me, but this season brought change.  I had the privilege of taking photos for two weddings, several families, and a few teens.  In the process, I found I wasn’t able to edit all the photos for my customers and my personal photos, too.

But, tonight after I once again glanced at my fading garden,  I took a moment and went back to June.

I want to take you back with me for just a moment to see the colors and remarkable beauty of God’s hand.


Geranium-1-SycamoreLane Photography-w

Lavender-1-SycamoreLane Photography

Lavender-SycamoreLane Photography

Lavender-2-SycamoreLane Photography


Geranium-SycamoreLane Photography

lily and bee-SycamoreLane Photography

Lily-SycamoreLane Photography

Lily and bees-SycamoreLane Photography



How can one help shivering with delight when one's hot fingers close around the stem of a live flower, cool from the shade and stiff with newborn vigor!  ~Colette



Friday Floral Love


  1. Oh, girl, how I have missed you and the beauty you create with your photography!! Summer has indeed flown by, how does this happen? I too am still in a very different season, priorities have shifted, the important ones remain, but how to pull it all together? I can assure I have not figured that out yet. ;-) Praying you have a peaceful and productive school year. Hugs!!

  2. These are stunning. Sounds like you have had a very full summer, but I am glad you had a chance to collect some "personal" shots from your garden. Beautifully done!

  3. Love your series of photos. They certainly speak summer!

  4. Gorgeous captures! You're much better with a macro lens than I.

  5. Beautiful shots. I love the bees.

  6. Congratulations on the many opportunities you had this summer! I'm sure you did a beautiful job! I'd hire you! ;o)

  7. Yes, summer has gone all too quickly! But Autumn is such a favorite that I look forward to its' arrival. Beautiful pictures!

  8. Gorgeous flowers and colors, beautiful work.

  9. Dear Jenn,
    Love the gorgeous photos!

    Loved your posts on food preserving and schooling.
    Hope you'll share more on both.
    Or, farm life.

    Love those too!

    Kindred spirits in those areas...we are. ;o)

    Praying over your new school year and your children.
    They are growing up!


  10. Wow these are just wonderful.

    My flowers have been neglected too this past month but more due to excessive heat rather then being busy with other things. I'm ready for fall now to clear them out.


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