Friday, January 10, 2014

Home (in Black and White)

It’s warming up here.  The arctic blast has moved on.

Today we are enshrouded in a thick fog.   Closed in.   Yet, so peaceful.

Sadly it sounds like we are going to lose our snow to rain.  I love the snow.  I love Michigan for it’s beautiful winters.  I know many people would think I’m crazy for this statement.  But for me, when it snows I feel God’s peace.  It is a huge reminder to me of His cleansing, His beauty, His magnificence!

This week I enjoyed the snow mostly from indoors, except for two times when I ventured out, because I couldn’t help myself (I needed to capture the beauty).  I think my family thought I was nuts, because I kept opening the windows (when they weren’t frozen shut) and snapping away with my camera.

We are pretty cozied up here.  Our week consisted of doing school, digging out, playing on the huge snow pile Joel created when he plowed our driveway, eating hot, winter, comfort food, and just being together with no place to go (well, at least the kids and I had no place to go).  Here’s just a little peek in photo’s of our week…..


SycamoreLane Photography-Across the field

SycamoreLane Photography-Black and White road

SycamoreLane Photography--wood burner

SycamoreLane Photography-Through my window

SycamoreLane Photography-Italian Wedding Soup

SycamoreLane Photography-candle

SycamoreLane Photography-cozy-2

SycamoreLane Photography-cozy-1

SycamoreLane Photography-cozy

SycamoreLane Photography-Bob

SycamoreLane Photography-at home




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  1. I love the snow too. It makes everything feels so peaceful - even in the city! Plus, if it's gonna be cold, there might as well be snow, in my book. Love all the black and whites, especially the one with the shadows of the trees along the road.

  2. I love your photos, and I love the snow too. We're going to be losing our tomorrow to rain too and I'm so sad about it!

  3. Really, really beautiful. I so want a huge snow storm to force us all inside. I love seeing the drifts and how the wind creates patterns in the snow.

  4. Very nice photos. I, too, love the snow. Missing it now that we moved to the other side of the mountain. It is much warmer on this side. At least we got a few days of snow in Dec. Glad to hear you are all thawing out back there!

  5. Lots and lots of rain here tonight. Back to brown and dreary :( Oh well, winter is young yet. I'm sure there will be more snow.

  6. Your photo's of the snow are lovely. I am one of "those" people though who could live without snow and be perfectly happy. Thankfully here so far this winter it's been really mild with very little snow. Love your kiddo, she's so cute and so was the kitty.

  7. looks like lovely relaxed winter shots...ready for spring yet? we aren't to hibernate for a bit. blessings~

  8. Hey Jenn! It's been awhile, I know! Looks a lot like our winter :) I'm about ready for some spring, it's been a bit too cold for the liking :) My chickens haven't been outside their coop in almost 2 months!
    I LOVE the second shot, is this your driveway!!?? Beautiful Jenn, Have a great rest of the week, stay cozy!


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