Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Picture Compilation…

Like sunlight burning at midnight

Making my life so

Beautiful, beautiful

Mercy reaching to save me

All that I need

You are so

Beautiful, beautiful ~Francesca Battistelli


SycamoreLane Photography-©2014-Child Photography

SycamoreLane Photography-©2014-Isaac Senior-Blk&Wht

SycamoreLane Photography-2-9

SycamoreLane Photography-2-11

SycamoreLane Photography--15

SycamoreLane Photography--19

SycamoreLane Photography--28

SycamoreLane Photography-106

SycamoreLane Photography-Ballerina (1)

SycamoreLane Photography-Ballerina (5)

SycamoreLane Photography-Ballerina (6)

SycamoreLane Photography-ballerina (7)

SycamoreLane Photography-bike ride (3)

SycamoreLane Photography-Bike ride

SycamoreLane Photography--Child photographer (2)

SycamoreLane Photography-Child Photographer (8)

SycamoreLane Photography-Child

SycamoreLane Photography-dreaming (2)

SycamoreLane Photography-farm girl

SycamoreLane Photography-farming

SycamoreLane Photography-Michigan Child Photographer (2)

SycamoreLane Photography-my girl (2)

SycamoreLane Photography-my helper

SycamoreLane Photography-rainy day

SycamoreLane Photography--Senior 2015

SycamoreLane Photography-sunset princess

SycamoreLane Photography--29


Photos speak a thousand words and capture memories of the heart.  Summer is gone and my words have been few, but my camera and I have been busy capturing the intense beauty all around me.  


  1. It's beautiful. ALWAYS beautiful... what you capture. Keep going. Keep it going on and on and on...

    You go girl!! ;)

  2. These are wonderful. Such beautiful children.

  3. I am blown away once again by how well you capture your children's personalities in photos! These are so beautiful - I really admire your eye for composition and how quick you are at snapping these special moments.

    The one with your daughter where she has the scarf wrapped around her head is very reminiscent of Steve McCurry's famous Afghan Girl - I love your take on it, if that was intentional. :)

  4. SO beautiful, sweet Jenny! Your children are growing UP!! Isn't it crazy how that happens? Much Love and many Hugs! Camille XO

  5. I am speechless...these photos...your children...this skill. Oh my. Oh my. So beautiful.

  6. These pictures are so breathtaking! Definitely beautiful, beautiful!


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