Wednesday, December 17, 2014

How Do You Dance?



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How do you dance when the beat changes?

How do you dance when you the music stops?

How do you dance when all eyes are turned upon you?

Do you stop or do you leap?  Do you walk away defeated or do you sing as you twirl- 

Making your own music and dancing your praise.


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You know that you have been called to dance; to be over the top called apart from the others sitting in the pews around you.  No longer is it okay to sit there unchanged.  No longer is it acceptable to not be outrageously vocal about who Jesus is for you.

The choice lies before you. Sit down, be quiet, keep the peace, keep the steady.

Or live out the fire that your Savior has put inside you.

You can sit on your hands or raise them high.

You can succumb to glazed eyes and numb mind or throw caution to the wind.

You can slip into heart hibernation…


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Or you can DANCE.

The choice is yours.

Do you want to dance? 

Do you want the world to see you twirling, leaping, and praising your Jesus?  Then DANCE!

Do you want to live out the bold faith of the New Testament?  Then display the fire of the Holy Spirit that is within you.

Do you want to further the Kingdom?  Then SING!


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Grab your skirt, send up a shout of praise, and twirl!

Leap and tell the world of a Savior who loves beyond measure!

You can’t go back.

There’s no sitting.

This is no quiet demonstration.

This is God.  His Spirit pouring into you. Urging you to crazy love.


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