Friday, September 4, 2015

Two Weeks Down

Our second week of school has come to a close.  Next week we will be minus one.  Isaac will be starting college and I will be teaching only three.

It has been an interesting two weeks.

Not so much because of school.  We just sort of fall into the routine.  It's what we do after fourteen years of learning together.

The interesting comes from life changes.  I'm juggling three part time jobs: writing, tutoring, and photography right along with homeschooling, house work and being a mom.  Isaac will be heading off to college full time, moving out of the house and lodging with my parents.  Jacob is working a part time job and has some pretty busy seasons during the year.  Often Caleb, Lauren and I are the only ones left home.  It is quiet and so absolutely different.

Different is good, though.  I want my boys to grow up into responsible young men and so I am grabbing hold of this new time in our lives with excitement.  God has grand plans for all my children and I am now seeing some of them come to fruition.

Last week I grabbed my camera and tried to document a glimpse of our days. What follows is a little peek of what school looks like for us each day.  Learning, imagination, book work, art, structure, un-schooling, it is all lumped into what we call Juniper Hills Academy.

And to me it is beautiful!



  1. You are busy! Your life is full and beautiful Jenn ♥ May you all have a wonderful year ♥

  2. Beautiful. All of it. What a blessing to have your children grow and learn and change as the Lord directs your paths. The first photo with them all together is precious. May the Lord continue to give you much grace and strength as you carry on day by day in the midst of that is changing. XOXO

  3. You are truly an inspiration to me, Jenn. There are some days I think I am drowning in homeschooling and raising little ones and just all the things that being a mom entails - but I love seeing this glimpse into your life - and KNOWING it can be done, and done well. :) Thank you for sharing these pictures of your beautiful family. Cannot believe you have one in college!!!


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