Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Over the past year I have been working on documenting our life in photos.  I, of course,  have always taken photos of our family events, but this is story telling. The writer in me rejoices in finding another way to express my thoughts and feelings.  Documentary photography pushes me to look for the details, capture the moment, seek out the beauty of the light and shadows and be present in what is taking place around me.
Eventually these photos end up in a photo book that my family, especially my children, look at over and over again.  The beauty of this type of photography is that I don't hear any complaining from my boys and husband who do not like formal photographs.  They get to wear what they want, sit where they want, look where they want, be comfortable,  and be themselves.
It's a win-win situation!


  1. OH Jenny! I love these. And I so adore the shot of your son laughing around the fire pit. Excellent job my friend!!

  2. Jenn, I've been doing this too over the past several years and it's so nice to look back on! Your story is perfect, thanks for sharing this little chapter!

  3. I love how you capture life my sweet friend. You have given me a plan...thank you! I love the idea of making photo books of the *everyday*....perfect. I have thought of you over the last few months and trust you are all well? Love, Camille XOXO


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