Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Monday

Monday is upon us again! It seems to come all to quickly during the school year. We did have a wonderful weekend though.

My husband, Joel and my oldest son, Isaac spent a good portion of Saturday cutting wood for our elderly neighbors who can't get out and do it for themselves any more. I spent the day catching up on house work and laundry. During the week I find it so hard to keep up with all the cleaning. So I try to get most of it done on Saturday. I did 2 loads of laundry before I ran out of laundry soap and had to make more. I make a powdered soap that doesn't irritate my daughters skin (she has eczema).

Sunday brought a extremely bitter day with frigid temperatures and 25 mph winds. We were getting ready to head out for church when one of our friends that go to church with us called and said she and her children were stuck in a ditch. Joel ran out to the gargage, turned off the van, started the truck and threw log chains in the back. In a flurry of coats, boots, mittens and hats we scrambled out the door to go help them. When we all finally made it to church, we listened to a shortened service (due to the weather) and then the whole congregation headed over to the pastors house for a chili lunch. We had a great time talking with our friends and filling our bellies just a little too much.

Today the boys and I are doing a half day of school. We will focus on reading, science and history. Later we will be making Valentine cards to send to the elderly ladies in our church who are shut in. They are extremely happy about having an easy day! Isaac, who is eleven, is coloring in a United States Map. Jacob, who is nine, is in the basement playing cowboy. Caleb, who is six, is consoling himself with a PBS cartoon after he split his lip playing tractors. And Lauren who is 20 months, is taking a much needed nap. She didn't get a nap yesterday, because we stayed at the pastors house to help clean up after everyone left. It has thrown her for a loop and she has been clingy and fussy this morning. I figured a rest would help get her cheerful disposition back. Myself, I am taking a few minutes to get this blog started. I have wanted to start it for so long and I am finally taking the time to do it!

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