Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 14, 2008

It has already been quite the morning. Lauren has done nothing but fuss all morning long. She is truly a basket case. It has made for a hard morning of schooling. Although, the boys have handled it pretty well. I cut out a few of their school requirements today. Partly for Valentines Day and partly because of the state of chaos that Lauren is ensuing. They finished their math and language and are now downstairs playing. I laid Lauren down for a nap. She doesn't usually take morning naps, but she seems to be in need of one today.

Despite all this, it is a beautiful day today. The sun makes the snow look like it is made up of thousands of diamonds. Our back yard is beautiful. It is an undisturbed blanket of snow and the junipers on the back hill add contrast to the stark whiteness.

I am hoping to make some zucchini muffins today and deliver them to my great Aunt and Grandma and our elderly neighbors. Whom we have adopted as family since none of them have any close relatives. The boys made valentines cards with some heart stamps. We will be adding those to the gift of muffins.

I need to go spend a few minutes praying, since according to Jacob I am a little stressed out! I do feel a bit out of sorts today and I need to get my attitude back on track for my childrens sake. I guess I will be praying for strength and understanding today. I believe I am going to need it, because I now hear Lauren crying and yelling from her bedroom....ah, toddlers!

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