Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here Kitty, Kitty

In all of my 35 years of life I have had only three close encounters with a wood kitty (that's country lingo for skunk) and all have been interesting to say the least. The first two involved camping, campfires and food. This evening no camping was involved. Just a leisurely drive home from my parents. We were coming up to a stop when we noticed a strange kitty sauntering into our neighbors yard. We all saw it at about the same time. We let out a collective, "Whoa!" Lauren joined in with an excited giggle and "Meow" (code word kitty). We sat and watched the skunk hobble through the neighbors yard and concluded it had a wounded front leg. It didn't seem bothered by us and continued its search for food. We sat there watching for at least 5 minutes. Country entertainment at its finest! It was the first time I have seen a skunk in daylight. Previously the cover of darkness and a mad dash for safety blurred my vision. Lauren thought it was really cute. I was glad she was restrained in her car seat, inside the van. Otherwise, she would have made great attempts to pet the pretty kitty.


  1. When we were living on Giles street I had one come sauntering right down the sidwalk at me when I was getting out of the car. Needless to say I skee-dadled right across to the other side of the street and into our apartment. Who knew we lived in such a rough neighborhood!


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