Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hey! Seriously?


Hey, mom, you wanna play H1N1?



Without leaving me a choice, she swooped in gave me an imaginary shot and slapped a sticker on my imaginary owie.

I guess I’m innoculated now.


If you don’t do your chores, Poppa says he’s gonna haystack you!



I’m not sure what that means but it sounds pretty scary, especially if your, like, four.


We’re seriously taking cover over here.  Someone let a bossy, shot totin’, self-proclaimed princess loose.

Watch out.

It’s scary.


  1. So funny! It's like Lucas telling me I was going to die first because I was so much older than Daddy!

  2. lol!! hahhahh...

    if only you could hear me laughing.
    I needed a good laugh - it's been one hot, busy day, let alone weekend.

    I'm pooped.

  3. {smile}
    what a cute post!
    Those blue eyes speak from themself.
    I really need to start writing the things they say down.
    I have a little 3 year old that is ruling the roost around here.

  4. Too cute! What a punkin! Have a good night.
    Love, Debbie

  5. First of all the fact that she has given you a shot is pretty cute! but the undies on the head make it even better!!! Oh my goodness :O)

  6. love the Snow White panties on the head!!! ha ha
    My husband and I often say, "Our lives would be so boring without our kids! They make it all interesting!"

  7. LOL - she is so cute - love the nurses cap!

  8. she is so cute....
    what a fun girl to play with every day...

  9. oh my lands! this made me giggle!! too cute!


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