Saturday, December 11, 2010


I always look forward to the weekend with a bit of hidden giddyness in my heart. I'm not exactly sure why I treasure them so much, it's not like I'm sitting around all day with a box of chocolates and a good read.

In all actuality it looks more like this.





After a week of schooling, the weekend is my time to get caught up on everything that didn’t get done through the week.

Once the cleaning is done, I feel so relaxed and a sense of accomplishment rests on my heart.  There’s nothing like a clean, organized home to do my little self good!

When my to-do list is checked off then I feel free for a wee bit of creativity.

Crocheting is a weekend must.


And if our candle supply is dwindling, like it is at present, then we partake in a candle making fest.

candles-1 candles-3 candles-2


And of course there is always a little more time for photography, reading, snuggling, baking, and family time.

I’d say the main reason why my weekends are so precious is that I am at HOME, relaxing with the ones I love.

It’s a definite way to put some happiness in my heart.

And now that you know I’m giddy on the weekends, you’ve been forewarned!


*One more little thing if you have some time on your hands (smirking face here) could ya, would ya, mind heading over and checking out this post at The Paper Mama.  The picture of my daughter in her tutu is in a contest….the one with the most votes wins.  However, I am calling all of you, my friends, to be honest.  Look at all four of them.  If mine is not your favorite, then by all means vote for the one that is.

Have a GREAT weekend!


  1. Something about putting those must-do chores into black and white that really fits. LOVE your little sweetheart's big eyes in that one candle-making shot, it must be a fun task!

  2. Me too! I love weekends for the very same reasons, though, ironically enough I was eating chocolate while reading your blog!
    What kind of candles do you make? We make soy wax candles, last time I made a couple of hundred jars and we are now running low. I went a little crazy that year. Back when I was more driven ;-)

  3. Yay! What a good reason to look forward to the weekend. I need to get back on some kind of routine like that again. I had just figured it out....then I got prego again! :) Time to figure out the new normal.
    I'm interested in this candle making they smell really good? Is it easy??? Candles are so expensive and I love a good smelling candle to make my home pleasant-er. ;)

  4. Michelle, Yep we make soy wax candles too, just not 100 at a time! :)

    Carebear, Soy wax candles are SO easy to do and they smell wonderful. If you want e-mail me and I'll give you more info.

  5. I love to take some time on Saturday afternoons to snuggle down with my Sunday School and Kids Church curriculum and a good two o'clock movie here all alone. A girl's just gotta make some ME time!

    I'm hoppin' over to vote now!

    God bless and have a relaxing weekend sweetie!!!

  6. My kinda weekend too! The candles are a wonderful thing to do for Christmas gifts! That's so neat that your children love to help too. The pictures for this post are so cute.....headin on over to the paper mama....


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