Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Right Now


It’s snowing.


My daughter is peacefully coloring surround with a bi-jillion crayons.


Our new “kitten” is chasing a silver glass ball ornament.  (For anyone wondering, our last kitty passed away during her spay several weeks ago.  Devastation ensued.  And a replacement was sought after). 

We present to you Sneakers! A.K.A.  Mr. Lovey Dovey


I’m feeling uninspired with my writing lately.


We’re having turkey sandwiches for dinner tonight.  Thanks Tim.


Life regular and normal.  A good thing.


I’ve been doing a bit of crocheting the past couple of days.  Getting my house all cheery and seasonal.




I’m wondering if my toes and nose will freeze when my oldest and I do the neighbors, goat, chicken and duck chores tonight.


I’m thinking another Pumpkin Cake Roll is in order.  Like NOW!


An order from CBD just arrived with a Daniel Boone DVD that my middle son saved and saved for. WOW! It’s SO quiet!


My living room floor is buried in little girl creations.


I should really be doing some laundry.




I need to finish school with my boys.  They’re not going to like the interruption.




This would be a good day for a Pumpkin Spice Latte.





I’m draggin’ my feet.

Too Bad!

I’ve already had 2 cups of coffee…oh, well…what’s a third.



And because I have no other place to put this, but thought it was quite deep…


“Hey, Mom!”

“Don’t you think Super Man has to buy lots of suits since he is always taking them off and leaving them somewhere”, my son asked.

“Yeah!”, I said with a little bit of wonder and confusion, mentally wondering where he is headed with this.

“You know he never goes back for them.  What a waste. I don’t think he’s really much of a super hero!”.

And he walked away leaving me to ponder this deep 11-year-old thought.


Think about it!


  1. That is such an adorable picture of your daughter (she is really growing!) with Sneakers.
    What beautiful crochet creations you made!! :)

  2. Ahh, this post is such a breath of fresh air. so cute, sweet and real.

    uninspired is what I'm feeling too, and you have some snow!!!!yay for you!!!

    Have a lovely week.

  3. what a brilliant mind! when one of my
    sons was seven or so, he used to ask
    questions like, "do you think it would
    be worse to be shot a hundred times
    or hit with a hundred arrows?"

    i'm sure he could read the horror on
    my face. :)

  4. Your son is very wise. Waste not want not. Your little girl is just darling. We love cats here at this house. God bless.

  5. "It's snowing..."

    I bet you're headed outdoors with your camera, in hand, after that third cup of coffee. Eh?

    Pumpkin Latte? Sounds good - although I've tried to make one, one time. I did not love. I wonder if I just don't have the right recipe.

    Ahh, ((snicker) like Amanda said...this post is great, a breath of fresh air! So cute, so real... I love it. And your garland/snowflake is adorable. ;)

  6. That's how I've felt about blogging lately too. Must be the weather.

    Although, I think sometimes these random thought posts turn out the best!

  7. Okay, so I have been making pumpkin spice lattes too, and I was thinking, I googled it once, that if you ever had 2 1/2 - 3hours to kill and plenty of gas (thought I could help with gas) you could come here! Wait, that is only the time for the trip here, oh bother! I am going to have a pumpkin spice latte tomorrow, and dream about enjoying one someday with you!!!

    Love you.

  8. Very sweet picture of your little girls-with the new kitty. I have never heard of a kitty passing away during spaying. :( That's so sad. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE your crocheted snow flake-prob'ly the only snow flake I'd ever be caught loving. ;) And I've been uninspired lately too---hence going about 2-3 weeks w/o posting until today.

  9. I just love the way brilliant young minds work!!! I can almost smell you spicy pumpkin cake roll!

    I love CBD and they have some real deals too!!!

    God bless ya and you stay warm and cozy. Please don't freeze your tootsies sweetie!!!

  10. Hi, it is Marenda at Butterfly Flutter. I posted an reward for you at my blog Check it out and follow the instructions.

  11. Did someone say... Pumpkin roll??

  12. It sounds like a cozy day! Hope you enjoyed you pumpkin latte!

  13. Oh Jenn...for one who is "uninspired" in her writing...this was beautiful!! I feel the same way sometimes. Isn't it fun to prepare for the Christmas season by decorating and making the home all cosy and welcoming? How 'bout sharing a Pumpkin Spice Latte with me sometime?? That would be fun, wouldn't it? :)

    Have a FABULOUS weekend!

  14. Oops...forgot to say...we *love* CBD around here too! Just placed another order for some books for my husband for Christmas. What a blessing CBD is! :)

  15. so sorry to hear about your kitty who passed. during a spay? your new kitty is cute as can be! anything pumpkin sounds divine, yes?? and your 11 yo's thoughts? love it. ;)

  16. It all sounds so lovely sitting there with it snowing (I've never been anywhere that it was snowing - like actually coming down from the sky - been to the snow, but not actually seen it snowing)! I'm sure you found plenty to keep you busy! I know I had better go & begin school for the day - only 3 days to go until we are on our summer holidays!!!YAY
    Have a lovely day


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