Monday, October 10, 2011


It’s Time! 


This past summer my dad purchased this combine and now Joel and him are harvesting my dad’s fields! In years past my uncle and dad planted and harvested my dad’s fields.  I was pretty excited when dad and Joel started talking about buying equipment so that they could farm the fields, with Joel running the combine!  I have ALWAYS wanted to be a farmer’s wife.  Now I can claim to be one! WHOO HOO!

        DSC_1721 harvest-1-w

This weekend we spent quite a bit of time out in my dad’s soybean field learning all about the art of harvesting from him, picking up rocks, enjoying the beauty of the day, bringing meals and keeping everyone hydrated!


We even got to take rides!  Sis and I went together.  She stood next to Joel and I rode out on the landing next to the door.  She had a big smile on her face the entire time and thought it was hilarious that I was covered in chaff.  Soybeans are super dusty and my hair was pretty covered by the time we climbed down, but it was SO worth it!







This past week has been absolutely beautiful!  The color here is at its peak and I can’t stop myself from taking pictures of all the beauty.  I know as soon as we get some rain or wind it will all be gone, so I am soaking up these perfect Indian summer days!

harvest-6-w A neighbors farm across the fields

autumn-1-w A photo across the field of some of my dad’s property

autumn-2-wMore of my dad’s property


I’m obviously getting a little giddy with all the photography opportunities around here!  Not to mention I’m working on editing two Senior photo shoots I had this weekend.  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  And what about all the applesauce that needs canning, and schooling, and did someone say they need clean underwear, and really you want to eat again!  Please excuse my absence here of late….my family is calling and I know that each of you understands the importance of that!

Happy Autumn, my friends!


  1. your foliage photos are gorgeous. there
    is such a frantic rush to capture the beauty,
    because it never lasts long enough. i
    comfort myself with Christmas.

    when i was a little girl, we owned a ranch
    and hauled hay every summer. not my
    fondest memory, but it gave me a little
    true grit.

  2. It's all gorgeousness! Love the red barns across the way...

    And you're right. These Indian Summer days - gotta love them.

    I always said that too about being a Farmer's wife... I am in a way...but not like you! That's fun - sitting out there on the combine. Although I think my allergies would have me down and out after all that dust. ;(

    Have fun and be safe.

  3. I'm thrilled your giddy about your photo opportunities...'cause we benefit from your beautiful pictures.

    Looks like ya'll are enjoyin' 'harvest' season this year.

    We grew wheat, fescue, sorghum and corn this year. We just finished the corn harvest yesterday. We've planted some rye and gonna plant winter wheat but next spring we're goin' back to soybeans.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a great week!!!

  4. reminds me of a wonderful story I heard once about the harvest..great fotos!

  5. Oh, so beautiful! I do get a little homesick in the Fall for the beauty of the country. It looks like it was a perfect day!

  6. Hi Jenn
    Your pictures are just beautiful~ makes me feel like I'm right there with you :)
    I love harvest time & it's so fun to ride in the combines! I'm so impressed with your new equiptment ~ we just contract in our neighbour at harvest time ~ this year no crops however, we concentrated on sheep!
    Have a wonderful week my friend!

  7. Your pictures are so expansive and beautiful. It makes me want to pause and drink it in.

    Lovely blog!!

  8. Wow! Those photos are beautiful!!! Love the fall colors. And I bet you are a great farmer's wife ;)

  9. That dusty looking pictures makes my eyes water. My allergies are activated just looking at it! :o)

    How fun, farmer's daughter, now farmer's wife!! :o)

  10. Oh Jenn...minus the combining, I TOTALLY can relate! (Oh, and minus the Indian Summer too)! LOL! But, the *you really want to eat again?* question is SO what I want to know too! :)

    GORGEOUS photos! (I always say that!)

    Love to you my friend!
    Camille xo

  11. I have to admit I started laughing out loud when you said you rode out on that landing! You couldn't pay me enough to stand in that dust cloud. Your joy really shows through in this post, enjoy harvest you little farmer's wife!

  12. Gorgeous photos! We, too, enjoyed Indian Summer last week, but alas, the wind and rain have arrived this week. I'm glad I also got out and took photos while the opportunity presented itself.


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