Monday, October 3, 2011

Whoa Nelly

I’m writing on the fly today…gotta keep moving and computer time isn’t on the list of things to get accomplished.  I’m squeezing in a few thoughts on our lunch break, so please excuse bad grammar and nonsensical sentences!

Can it truly be October already?


field of goldenrod

It’s been a whirlwind here.  The days are changing so fast and I want to just hold on a bit longer.  Autumn.  It’s beautiful and refreshing and speaks so clearly of God’s beauty.  I love the chill in the air that puts rosy spots on our cheeks and makes me want to cook up bread and soup for an army.  I’m ready for October and all it has to offer,  I just hope I can soak in a fair amount of it before it passes on by.

September flew on by me…I’m not even sure there was a September this year. I’m pretty sure if there was a September I spent most of it in a mental fog.

Our past two weeks were spent absorbed in all things FAIR.  The week prior to last week was spent finishing up all our 4-H projects and last week the majority of our days were spent on the grounds of our county fair.

What a LONG week!

The boys had a great time.  They did well with all of their projects, even winning Best of class in some of their non-livestock projects.  They received all A’s on their turkeys and rabbits and I was super excited when a rabbit that I had sold to a member in our club received Grand Champion in the roaster class.  Yippee…we have finally hit on some good stock!

Even though it was an enjoyable week for my children, I am SO glad it is over!  I just want to get back into some sense of normal.  I ready to return to the regularly scheduled program.  I’m sure it will help with the tiredness, whininess and edginess some of us have been feeling. Yeah, I’m speaking of myself, too, I’m not so proud as to deny I had a whiney moment of two, topped off with a good dose of edginess.

This Monday morning getting back into our school routine was bliss, at least for me.  My boys may argue otherwise, but they will thank me in the long run (like maybe 10-20 years from now).  It felt so good to get up and gather in our sitting room for our Bible study and then move on to breakfast and beyond.


And when January comes and I get a bit run down with the routine and maybe even a bit whiney…point me back to this post, give me a virtual kick in the hiney and remind me that the normal day to day is a GOOD THING!


  1. Well... my friend. I loved this non-sensical, rambling bit of a post. It was anything but. :) You should be proud. Well written.

    I agree. There really was no September on our calander, here either.

    Congrats on all the FAIR news... that is awesome. Love your photo,too.

    Enjoy the rest of your normal day!

  2. Woohoo to your boys!!!

    'Sounds like you've been one busy little beaver girl. There is comfort in structure isn't here. Kids love it too, though you'll never get them to admit it! :o)

    God bless ya and have a most beautiful fall day! :o)

  3. Yes, routine! I am finding that although homeschooling puts a crunch on other things on the schedule it does bring a sense of calm and coziness to our day. I do look forward to our mornings together.

  4. I know you're exhausted, but this gets me excited for when we will get the chance to participate in the fair! :o) I'm so glad your boys did so well! And congrats on the grand champion rabbit! That's awesome!!!

  5. Yes, indeed...the *normal* day to day IS a good thing! Happy October to you my friend!


  6. our children will rise and call us blessed in 20 yrs, yes? ;)

    we love the crisp fall weather {even though ours usually arrives closer to winter}. ;)

  7. Hi Jenn
    It is lovely to catch up & I agree about September ~ what happened there? I had the house full of visitors & then no internet for a week.
    Yes, your children will appreciate it one day ~ kinda like our piano lessons that we didn't like as children, but are so thankful our parents made us do now!!
    Have a wonderful day & enjoy your autumn weather!

  8. the will thank you before you know it,
    but not when you expect it! :)

  9. It's all good! Sounds like you've been incredibly busy. I'm so glad I didn't start homeschooling until this week because our Sept was a blur as well. Now, I've got to get out into the garden before it is supposed to freeze next week, whew!


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