Friday, August 24, 2012

Where Do I Begin?

Weeks have flown by and I have lost all sense of time.

There’s so much I could share.  So much in my mind and on my heart. I would love to sit down and pour it all out into written word.

But, the hours seem short and the days shorter.  I’ve had to set my writing aside….for now.

I do want to share with you a bit of what I’ve been doing.

A couple weeks ago we had a family gathering to celebrate my niece’s high school graduation.  We were having a wonderful time eating, chatting, and laughing and then before we knew it we were doing this…


family race


Yep, we set up an impromptu race right down the middle of the road.  I love that about where we live!  Very little traffic means we have free reign of the road.  Everyone who wanted could race and before we said go I made sure they all had their best racing face on.



Some ran with big smiles like it was a walk in the park.



Others were a bit more intense!



Some struck up a conversation as they traversed the “track”



And then there was the combination of intense determination and extreme happiness in the youngest two girls.


This is why I love my family! We are easily entertained! Often you will find the adults playing capture the flag or sardines right along with the kids.  It makes for a lot of laughter and good memories.


On another note we started school this week.

It is going good, but I am seeing as each school day passes that we are going to be doing school longer this year.  It is definitely more intense teaching high school and then through in an 8th, 5th, and 1st grader and it makes for one busy momma.

I am also needing to adjust to the fact that when we are in the middle of school my days are jam packed full and my neatly organized life and home gets thrown into upheaval.

Most days my floors are covered with books and more.





And my table and counters aren’t much better.


This was at lunch the other day… YIKES!

Then you throw in the canning and freezing and watch out.

There’s moments when I think I’ll never wade through it all, but then I see things like this….


And my heart soars.

All the effort, the book strewn floors, crazy long days, they don’t matter any more.

I watched him for a bit. My baby growing big and independent and tapping away at the keyboard, writing!

It’s working!  We’re learning, growing, thriving.

And my heart melts.

The Lord has blessed me beyond measure and this week.  He has showed me time after time that this homeschooling momma is right where He wants me to be.

At home, teaching, ministering, loving, molding, and leading by example.

And what caught my heart this week were all the instances of my children desiring to learn in their own ways. 

One moment one boy with video camera in hand making a film. His siblings his star players.

The next one with a book snuggled into the couch.

Or an eager girl ready to learn and learn and learn.

God Your are SO GOOD!


  1. If this didn't look like, sound like, and feel like my home this week...I don't know what would.

    Wish I had more time to chat these days.

    Thinking of you as you find your schooly selves.


  2. This post makes me feel happy! :)

  3. My goodnes...yes!

    Your dirt road paints the perfect picture of good family times. I just love it . Every ounce of having a race. And I really love seeing {I think it's your daddy?} racing!!!!

    And, school at home with big are dedicated and such an inspiration for me Jenn. To press on...and keep going.

    Seeing a handsome young man at the table home...melts my heart away. This is what it's all about!

    I enjoyed this post so much, and I'm praying that in the middle of the routines of the day you can give yourself permission to take ten or 15 minutes to sit and write....a little mother culture for you;)

  4. Oh's so lovely to *visit* with you here! My favourite photo? The one of the books on the floor from a low perspective with the sun shining through the glass doors in the background...really...I *LOVE* it!! :) Our summer has been crazy busy...and we are still in the throes of it are not forgotten....please tell your little miss that she hasn't been either!

    Love you!

  5. Jenn your blog is my all time favorite. Hands down. I love every post and how amazing your words and pictures are.

  6. Your family sounds like a whole lot of fun! (Like I didn't already know that already after reading your blog for a year...) I love the determination on your daughter's face in that race! She's a tough one!

    One question do you play with sardines?! That sounds kind of messy.

  7. Very enjoyable post. Those race pictures were so much fun.

  8. Aww, love you! What a great post. It's hard work, but so rewarding!

  9. Your amazing Jenn :)
    your doing what is right and good and blessed by God. Continue to listen to your heart, and continue to feel that peace.

    you won't ever get these days back right...


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