Saturday, August 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt~ 08/19

This Weeks Items:  Forest, Morning Light, Touch, Newspaper, Coffee or Tea

I am feeling very uninspired lately.  I almost didn’t do Scavenger Hunt this week, but I pulled it together at the last moment. 



I wanted to do a really cool shot in the woods behind our house the trees and trails there are gorgeous, but I didn’t have the time to walk across the field and back this week.  So, I took my daughter to the smaller woods that are on the edge of our yard. She has a “fort” there where she likes to play. 

L- 0812



Morning Light

Okay this is actually evening light, but I was lazy this week.  I slept in most mornings, the others it rained or was overcast.  I was trying desperately to get in a few relaxing mornings before we start our 11th year of homeschool on Monday.

knapweed-evening light




I love the texture on these berries that grow on a bush on my yard. I don’t know what it is called, but I love the way they feel all bumpy.





Super uncreative for this shot, but I was hurrying to get this done.  We live in a VERY rural community and often the articles in the paper deal with agriculture.




Coffee or Tea

MMMM…. on a hot day after working in the garden… tea is SO refreshing!




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  1. Oh I love all of these. That pic of your daughter is just beautiful. I was kinda at a lost for touch, but you have given me ideas...thanks, beautiful each and everyone!!

  2. Beautiful! Hey, I moved blogging homes! Come visit me!!!

  3. My new home is at

  4. You know. You need some inspiration my dear friend. It's about time you got some - for once. :)

    Here let me give you an idea.

    You are so awesome and you don't even know it. I think you should take some of these (and the plenty others to show for) and turn them into individual cards (to sell) or at best, use as Wall Calanders... kinda like Heather from Post Road Vintage does with hers. Sell them...printed out on Cardstock or whatever paper it is "they" use... not as actual photographs.

    Even when you say you don't try... you are so talanted. I LOVE that tea in the jar photo. Swoony. I say.

  5. These are amazing. Wow! Each one is so stunning in it's own amazing way!

  6. Beautiful shots! I especially like your "morning light" even if it was in the evening - haha!

  7. Your newspaper shot is NOT uncreative. The angle and slight blur are very artistic. I think it's a super shot.

  8. All great shots! I love mason jars.

  9. Wonderful shots! I think they're all creative! Especially love the berries, as I'm a macro fanatic!!

  10. Your tea looks so tasty and refreshing, very nice photo!

  11. Your daughter is beautiful! Lovely shots today for feeling "uninspired." :-)

  12. That shot of your daughter and the morning light are gorgeous. I think that would be so nice to live with the woods around your house.

  13. Your photos are so amazing. I just love the one of your daughter. That needs to be framed. I really enjoyed seeing your photos.


  14. These are amazing!!!! And your daughter is beautiful! =)

  15. Oh my....I can't believe you feel uninspired and yet create these fabulous photos! You are so talented!! These are all beautiful. The lighting on your evening Morning Light is warm and soft and beautiful. You daughter is stunning...these EYES! I'm glad you shared. Have a great week.

  16. oh, I love these! You had me psyched out to expect something lame and then you blew me away with awesomeness!! I just joined your followers, I love to find country girls with the same passions that I have! I'm so excited I found you!!

  17. 11 years... =) way to go mama!~ I home school one of my two... we are working on our 5th year this year! =) Love love your last shot... I love jars and ice tea!! =) oh... and the eyes on your little one... so pretty! =)

  18. Awesome set.
    That shot for Forest...Oh my she is a beautiful child and it's a stunning shot.
    Also enjoyed your Morning or Evening Light Shot and the Touch Shot, What an interesting berry.

  19. Beautiful....Love the first one of your daughter, and a mason jar always makes me feel swooney.

    Happy next Monday!
    I'm with you in spirit.

  20. Tea please:)

    the mason jar takes me home to country roads.

    To a place I belong.


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