Monday, October 1, 2012

Deep Breath In

Vacation Sept 2012-lake-w


It’s on the verge of unexplainable.

Peace surrounds me.  God is heart and soul close.

I’m home. Surrounded by His beauty.

It settles deep within me.

A continual deep breath in and an increasingly relaxed deep breath out.

A calm. A knowing.

A deep wordless assurance.


Vacation Sept 2012-sunset-w


He is here, He is mine.


Vacation Sept 2012-Lk Superior shore line-w



pictured rocks-1-hd


I don’t know exactly what it is about this particular spot on this great big earth, but I do know that when I am here, surrounded by cold, changeable, powerful water that gives way to shale, stone, dunes, and clinging trees, I feel God is near.  One week a year.  That’s what I get, to explore, to breathe deep, to feel God’s all pervading peace. It spreads out, covers me, wraps around in cozy folds, lifting me up until I know without a doubt that it is God and He is holding me.


Au sable


Often the connection is so immense that I ache when it is time to go home.  This spot, in my heart, is home.  It is ingrained in my soul.  A minute picture of the glory of heaven. This year it was different. I was sad to leave, but ready to head home.  Home, where God is calling me to follow. Where He is calling me to serve.  The place on this great, big earth where He is saying “Come and talk with me” and I am running, with abandon, saying “LORD, I am coming”. (Psalm 27:8)


kids- walking down road


bean harvest


Bible copy-bigger


  1. I like home, too. It's my happy place, for sure. Other places are exciting and beautiful, but like Dorothy said, "There's no place like home!" :o)

    Where were the pictures taken? You did such an amazing job!

  2. Jenn, this is awesome!
    Jenny Anderson

  3. Absolutely beautiful. I understand this post so well. My heart longs for home at certain times of the year in particular. Home to me is on the banks of the Popo Agie River. I love seeing the Aspens and hearing the breeze blow through the tree tops. I love the Mountains where this water comes from. I ache to see, hear and feel them beneath my feet. When it's time to go, I physically ache! But, I know it isn't really my home. It isn't really where I'm meant to be. I just loved this post and all of your beautiful photography!

  4. There is something so special about the U.P.! It is such a breath-taking place. I'm glad you are home :) You are closer this way!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous my friend! The words and the photos go so well together. Thank you for sharing a little more of HIS beauty here. Love you!


  6. Beyond words, Jen. Beautiful! He is calling me 'home' right now. I am not sure i know the way . . . so many things going on and getting in the way. I long for this deep peace you so beautifully wrote about in this season of my life.

    Love you, dear friend!!


  7. You just described how I feel when I take the time to slow down & focus on my relationship with Him. So beautifully said & the images- INCREDIBLE!

  8. awesome! love the shots as always!

  9. how absolutely beautiful!
    how home He is to us:)
    yes, a gazillion yeses
    to this,


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