Saturday, September 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt~ 09/30

This Weeks items:  Yellow, Getting Ready, Bright, Teeny Tiny, Connections



Autumn yellow-w

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Getting Ready

My girls are getting ready to lay eggs. The past couple of days we have found one little egg in one of the nests in the chicken coop.

Rhode Island Red-w




The sun was sparkling so bright off the water of the lake.

Vacation Sept 2012-dock-w




Teeny Tiny

Teeny Tiny hairs on soybeans





My daughter has lost the connections of her front tooth!

L-missing tooth-w



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  1. I love that water shot. so pretty.

  2. Wow, each and every one of these photos are stunning!

  3. Aww, it made me catch my breath to see that sweet face without her front tooth. Is there anything sweeter than that front tooth gap?
    I'm a bit jealous over your eggs ;) Our county recently put a zoning law into effect that prohibits chicken within city limits...Boo!!!

  4. the hairs on the soybean plant are amazing. what beautiful photos!

  5. WOW- these are INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE every single one!

  6. It's tooth fairy time!!! :)

    I got a little choked up when I saw the picture of one of your hens. I'm so happy they are starting to lay! Just in time for winter! Maybe this means they will continue to lay throughout the cold weather. I miss ours so much still. They were such a hoot!

  7. Awesome collection of photos! I love your header too!

  8. So many creative photos. I have grandchildren losing teeth, too - a magical age.

  9. Your first three photos are stunning! Love the colors.

    I also think the hairs on the soybean are pretty cool. Nice capture!

  10. Beautiful shots! I especially like the yellow and bright - so pretty!

  11. Love love love bright! Makes me long for summer on this cold rainy day!

  12. "bright" and "teeny tiny" are wonderful. Great job!

  13. Lovely Scavenger Hunt finds, Jenn. The sunflower picture is beautiful.

    It's always so fun to go out and find the pullets started to lay little eggs. Everyday is an adventure to find out how many you will gather. Is she a Rhode Island Red?

    Neat idea for teeny tiny! I also like the way the sun is hitting the beans.

    Your daughter is cute and has a great smile!

  14. These all brought a smile to my face. Nice captures.

  15. these are beeeeeautiful
    and dark chocolate:)
    sweet share...thank you,

  16. Wonderful photos! Love your daughter's toothless grin. :)

  17. Truly gorgeous - your pictures just sparkle and shine. I honestly can't pick a favourite, they are all just so beautiful.

    Nina x

  18. Great set.
    My favorites:
    Getting Ready - Such nice looking chickens.
    Teeny Tiny, I like the detail on this.
    My top pick: Connections, Just so adorable.


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