Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Quiet

In the quiet, I sit.  I wonder.  I hope for words to flow.

I wait for something powerful, something beautiful.  Words strung together like pearls on a necklace.

Nothing strikingly beautiful forms.  I am dampered, like the snow that blankets and hides the earth outside my window.



winter country road-9


The clock ticks… Think. Think. Think.

I look out the window seeking inspiration.  My mind is slow and tired. All I can think is quiet.


My hands hover over the keys, but no soul deep words flow from my fingertips.


winter barn-web-black and white



Quiet. I guess that’s my mode today.

I want to write heart deep, inspirational words.  But, I seem to be soaking in quiet.

Quietness of heart and mind.



post-sycamorelane photography-w-logo



And it’s okay that there are no words of significance for today.

Only life. 

A day full of routine. Normal.

Wash, Dry, Fold.

Mix, Knead, Dice, Chop, Cook, Bake.



honey wheat bread-web



It’s good, this Quiet.

Words will come another day.


  1. Yep! Low pressure, girl! Beautiful pics! Love the one of the snowy road!

  2. LOVE it!! Quiet is so beautiful isn't it? So against the tide of the world!! I love He is placing us in quiet! It brings a smile to my face. By the way, your pictures are stunning! :)

  3. Yes, quiet is good. I was thinking that before I even got to your closing words. Happy New Year, and may it be filled with enough quiet.

  4. Beautiful post and at times we all need to just be quiet and still! Happy New Year Jenn!

  5. Quiet, that just might be the best word of all!!! sometimes there are just too many words, at least out this mouth. ;-) Did i miss it? Did you have a word, phrase or scripture for 2013. Not saying you 'have' to, just know that you have in the past. Just wondering. {{HUGS}}

  6. You know Jenn...that first photo is gorgeous!! Is that the same road you all had the race on back in the late summer/fall?? Don't you just love the seasons?? Ah,'s good. :) As my sister in love says ~ "The blessings of routine" true those words are!! As this new year dawned (or thereabouts...wink), I was thinking on what I wanted to accomplish and the word *slow* emerged as the theme. Slow down and enjoy. Slow down and live!!

    Love to you!

  7. ahhh, yes it is!
    Enjoy your day Jenn :)

  8. I love quietness. :)
    May you enjoy more of it. A blessed new year to you.

  9. I have lots of days/times like that. Sometimes it's because I'm reflective (inwardly) and sometimes it's because all of my words are used up on my kids. ;) Enjoy the quiet!

  10. Quiet soothes us.
    Fills us up and makes us appreciate...

    Love the blk & whites! don't always need to have something deep to say.
    Just you showing up and sharing is fine. Very fine. XO

  11. Beautiful. Quiet - yes! And Beautiful.



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