Monday, June 10, 2013

I Fell Off the Blogging Merry-Go-Round

I have fallen off the Merry-Go-Round, my friends.

I’ve been whirling around on this ride for almost 5 years and I have come to the conclusion that even if I loosen my grip and get flung off, it’s okay.  The pressure to stay on right in the center of things is too much of a struggle. When I’m holding on so tightly just trying to keep from slipping to the outer fringes of the Merry-Go-Round, I find my stress level going up.   You know that whirring and blurring and centripetal force that is pulling, pulling, pulling against you the faster you go. That’s what blogging was feeling like for me.  Finally, I knew that God was telling me to let go.  He wasn’t going to pry my fingers off of the metal bar for me, though.  I had to do the releasing. 

It’s been hard, because I love to write.

But, the Lord showed me a hard truth.

I loved the attention and comments more.

So, I let go.  I found myself safely transplanted to the grass just clear of the hard packed dirt circle created by so many others before me.

And its been good. I’m enjoying other things right now and learning so much about staying in the presence of the Lord all day long.


SycamoreLane Photography- farm


Country living is keeping right in His presence. 


spring field-1-SycamoreLane Photography


I’m captivated daily by the beauty I see around me.  God’s glory is never so evident to me as when I am outdoors.


SycamoreLane Photography- storm


SycamoreLane Photography-Blackberry sunset



And so, God is calling me to higher things.  I know I will still write.  I will just have to learn to write for myself and ditch my emotional connection to the comments.  I know I will still share my photography, because it speaks so highly of my Savior for whom it was all created.



bloom-SycamoreLane Photography


spring beauties-sycamoreLane Photography


I will still stop by at your blogs when I can, but I’m not going to cling to those metal bars any longer.  It’s silly really, sitting there in the center with my legs and arms twisted around the post just trying to fight what God wants for me.


SycamoreLane Photography-strawberry blossom


SycamoreLane Photography-blueberry blossoms



And what He wants, is me.

SycamoredLane Photography-Iris macro


SycamoreLane Photography-Soap wort


Not part of me, when I can squeeze Him in, but all of me.  Every moment of every day, practicing His presence.  I’m finding that this is a difficult discipline, but one He has called me to pursue.  And since I am sold out to Him I am leaving behind what He is telling me to.  He has a purpose and a plan for my life. That is this… Love me with all of your heart, and all of your soul, and all of your strength (Duet. 6:5).   To do that I must release all that hinders me.  I’m  running toward my Savior, ready to be broken and poured out for Him!


  1. Well said and beautiful pictures! Love you!

  2. amen...i'm in a similar boat. i do enjoy your words and pictures greatly.
    God bless you as you listen and obey...

  3. Beautiful Jen! Stunning pictures also. I love u too!

  4. Thank you for sharing your heart, because I can completely relate, I am there too. Your blog reflects your beautiful soul, Jenn. Prayers for you!

  5. i used to feel compelled to keep up with the blog
    thing, but when i realized i could let go and just
    blog, it became SO much more fun.

    now i write when i want and don't when i don't
    care to. i only visit the places i love and don't
    worry if they visit back.

    it's so much more fun and holds no stress.

    bless you for encouraging us to listen to the

  6. I'm glad you still plan on sharing your photography. I truly look forward to seeing any new posts you have because I know when I click over to your space, there will always be something beautiful to look at!

  7. I love it when I see your blog update in my reader, but I love it even more that Jesus comes first! Love you!

  8. Jenn,
    I felt this way too. Exactly! And right after I quit blogging publicly, I felt a little lost...without all of the comments and attention. But's so freeing to just write without purpose. Or, I should say, soley for the purpose of me anyways. I am right there with you. Thinking of you and supporting you from afar. It takes a strong person to just let God lead and it's in our sin nature to hold on too tightly to the world and its ways. May He bless you greatly my friend.

  9. Precious friend. You know I understand. You know I love you. I've been thinking that we must have a chat soon...let's make a plan. XO

  10. this post is so perfect...I think we all go through this. and when you let go, and let is SO much better.

  11. Isn't it freeing to get off that merry-go-round? I got off it about a year ago and I'm so glad I did! I only blog when I feel inspired and when I have the time. I mostly only visit the blogs that leave comments, but even then I will keep them in my inbox and answer only when I have the time. Sometimes it will take a month to get back to someone and visit their blog, but that is OK. Hardly anyone comments anymore, but I'm really OK with that. I've decided my blog is a resource. I can point people to it if they ask for a recipe, instructions on something or whatever. It is a place where my children can view family pictures. It is a record of our life and that is worth something to me. But gone is the pressure and I'm loving it! I know you will, too. God bless you, dear friend!

  12. Ooohhh, I'm so sad to see you go!! You are going to keep up your photography blog, correct?

    I've been meaning to call or write you a note - guess I'll have to do that more often (now) anyway. :)

    Love to you!! my friend.

  13. I completely understand and have had to let go myself. It feels freeing and wonderful. Sometimes we just have to realize we can't do it all. There are seasons for everything. And yes, even our motivations can not be so pure. Mine were not always either.

    Your photography is lovely, but you are lovelier in my eyes for obeying the Lord even though it costs you something.



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