Friday, May 31, 2013

Melt My Heart


ballerina-SycamoreLane Photography


My Little Miss,

How you steal my heart!  One glance with those bright blue eyes and dimpled smile and I melt.  What a joy you are to me.  Your vibrancy and love for all things brightens our home daily.  Every day we are blessed by seeing your imagination bloom.  There are babies in strollers, babies in beds, babies getting their diapers changed.  There is a restaurant to be run, menus to be drawn, food to be made, orders to be filled, and dishes to be washed.  There are myriads of pictures drawn for each member of our family, full of color, bright, bold, and creative. You talk to the worms and the ants and the butterflies carrying on conversations that soften my heart and make me giggle all at the same time.  You are amazing!


ballerina-3-SycamoreLane Photography


Another year has flown swiftly by and we again celebrated the day God place you in our family.  What joy there was when finally you were laid in my arms, our little girl.  I thank God for you every single day.  I love that you continue to snuggle into my arms.  It’s tradition! Each morning I know that I am going to blessed by having your sweet little girl body, warm from bed, wrapped in my arms.  I bury my nose into your hair and just breathe, if only I could capture that scent!


ballerina-2-SycamoreLane Photography



For the past couple of years you have asked for a little sister.  I have tried gently to explain the unlikeliness of that happening many times and lately you have seemed to accept the idea.  You have compensated like only you can.  Each morning you pick out your outfit and then march down the hall to my closet.  You sweetly proceed to tell me what I will be wearing today, because after all we are “twins”!


May 2013


My prayer for you my sweet girl is that above all else you will love the Lord with all of your heart.  I pray that God will be above all else for you.  May you choose to give your heart wholly to Him and serve Him with all that is within you.  I know that your heart is big and the love you have for all things mighty, may the Lord use your overflowing compassion to touch other people’s lives with His Love.




Lord, I place my daughter in your hands. Mold her into your image. Shape her young life to glorify you. You, Lord, are her Savior and I pray that she will live solely for You!


Windblown-SycamoreLane Photography


My forever girl, words cannot adequately express my love for you, but know that it is huge and that I I LOVE being your mommy!


  1. Beautiful girl! She looks just like you!!

  2. So lovely, words, photos, and the love you express. Happy Birthday dear girl!

  3. Just beautiful! And so sweet! I'm so glad we were able to celebrate her big day with you this year!

  4. Lovely, lovely photos. There is something so precious about a little girl. I pray the same prayer as you for our girl. Just beautiful!

  5. Happy Birthday to your little miss! We must have the date written in our book so Emma can send her birthday sorry we missed it. What is the actual day? You write so beautifully my sweet friend. These will be words your children will cherish in years to come. Love you! Camille XO

  6. She is just darling and you've captured some truly wonderful photo's of her here.

  7. Precious letter and precious pictures. She's beautiful!

  8. These are just beautiful amazing photos, of your lovely little amazing one!

  9. What a sweet sweet letter Jenn, brought tears to my eyes.


  10. Happy Beautiful day - Happy Beautiful girl.

    love to all.

  11. She's so beautiful! I bet she felt like a princess getting dressed up for these pictures! She sounds so much like Lex with that big imagination. I thought Lexie's came by default since she's an only child, but it sounds like it can happen that way when you've got 3 big brothers, too. :o)


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