Friday, July 19, 2013

God You Want Me to Do What?

Years ago, (not ages, but a few years times two, at least) if I was asked to pray out loud my heart would begin pounding and my mind would go blank. I literally detested going to Wednesday night prayer meeting, because we always took half of the evening to pray. I was scared stiff when it came my time to pray and I always felt my prayers were so mechanical. I knew I was missing the whole point, but I didn’t know exactly what I was missing. I couldn’t put my finger on the emptiness there, and I didn’t know how to bring about change.
Fast forward to the present and multiple years spent under the teaching of some very Godly people. The past few years have been life changing as I have learned to say, “YES!” to God. My life has been transformed and still transforming as I follow God’s leading, lean on His strength and power, let go of my fears, loosen my grip on the control in my life, and listen to His voice.

On Friday last week I had a crazy opportunity to say Yes! to God.
I had to make run to Wal-mart to pick up a few items. No big deal, rather routine and just a regular day type activity.... or so I thought!
In Wal-mart there were two ladies who got into a fight in the meat aisle. Not pretty. The language was intense and so was the noise level. In my head, I was thinking, "This is why I hate coming to this store and why I avoid it if at all possible."
Little did I know that God had plans for me at Wal-mart.
As my daughter and I made our way out of the store there was a young man (late teens/early twenties) standing by a table that had a donation box on it. I was getting ready to pick up my pace and speed right by him when I caught the words "teen challenge". I pulled back on the cart and backed up a few paces, just as he began speaking to me. The young man told me what Teen challenge did and I mentioned that I knew a bit about the program. I dug through my wallet and found a handful of change, it was all I had.
As I turned to go I said, "God Bless you."
He replied, "Thank you and have a blessed day."
And that was that, until I reached the car.
As I was putting away the groceries, God kept laying on my heart to go pray with that young man and I tried to avoid it by making excuses about the heat and not knowing what to say. The whole time that I was putting my groceries in my car, I felt like time was playing out in slow motion.

I climbed in the car, backed up and headed up the aisle toward the front of the store where the Teen Challenge table was sitting. I was just going to keep going, but the urging was so strong to pray. I remember thinking, "God if no one is talking to him I'll pray with him." Silly girl with the ultimatums!
You guessed it! No one was talking with him.

So, I turned right, headed down the next aisle and said to Lauren, "Honey, God is telling mommy to pray for that boy we just talked to."

She so sweetly said, "Okay." Like it was something I did everyday. It was no big deal to her!

I re-parked the car.
With my heart pounding in my ears, another handful of change I had found stashed in the ash tray in one hand, and Lauren holding onto my other we headed back up to the table. I said something to him about being back and as I slide the change into the box I mentioned that God had asked me to pray for him. Just as I was saying that another young man walked out of Wal-mart and stood next to us. It was another young person working the table for Teen Challenge.
The one I had talked to mentioned that I wanted to pray with them and the new guy said, “That's great, or awesome, or terrific,” something in that vein. I was too busy with my heart and mind which were racing at top speeds! He immediately put his hand on my shoulder (no hesitation there, thank you Lord!) and his friends. I grabbed Lauren's hand and right there we bowed our heads and prayed!
My heart was pounding so loud in my head and I was so out of breath that I'm not sure if my words came out right, but I did it!
I listened to God’s prompting and obeyed. I know He can use what I said to bring glory to Himself and power to that ministry, even if it seemed garbled in my mind. Because I know its not about me or the perfect prayer. It’s all about Him!
To God goes all the glory and praise!!!!


  1. Yes, my sweet is all about HIM! Praise His Wonderful Name! Love you. XO

  2. Way to go, Jenn! I'm so glad you did what He was calling you to do. It took a lot of courage. Thanks for being a great example.

  3. Jenn, this is awesome! I know exactly what you mean about how you used to go blank and be scared stiff to pray out loud. I am still kind of in that phase...Getting better, but still lacking confidence that what I am saying is making any kind of sense. It's so cool that you obeyed God and prayed with those might never know how you deeply may have impacted one or both of them!! Good job. Jenny A

  4. What a story! I bet those boys will never forget you Jenn, way to make a difference...not just for them, but I'm sure there were people walking in that also saw you all, and am sure you got them thinking.

    :) may God continue to work through you!

  5. Obeying God almost always requires stepping out of our comfort zone... so thankful that you listened and obeyed...

  6. Amazing story Jenn! Bless you for obeying God. Have a great weekend!!

  7. good for you girl, i am SO proud but HE is prouder!! we've got to listen and obey without thought of how we feel, how others see us etc. it is challenging for sure!!!

    we are getting bolder in that area as well. we were at a friend's prayer meeting, praying for the nation, and the topic abortion came up. she asked me to come and the microphone. i looked at mountain man like a deer in the headlights. while i was up there and she was about to pass the microphone to me...i promise...i almost excused myself and went to the bathroom!

    but, i did it with His strength along with my weakness and i lived to tell about it! :)

  8. Jenn,
    I had tears and goosebumps reading this!
    You brave and wonderful mama.
    What an example for Lauren, and those boys!
    I too hate going to the "W" for the exact same reasons.
    I too feel like my heart and words explode out of me in a jumble!
    This was so good...and pure...and moving to hear you share how He moved you. Pushed you really...into action.
    My heart is filled with gratitude for you today. And for the transformation you are going through.
    This has been a very transforming couple of years for me as well, so I could relate to everything you said.

  9. The tears are flowing down my face right now! You see, like you I do NOT like praying out loud, but many times I have been placed in situations where I have been prompted to pary on the spot with someone and done so. God knows what these people need and that day, those 2 young men, needed you!


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