Saturday, October 12, 2013


You stand and we are almost nose to nose and I can see into the depths of you when I gaze long.

At twelve how can this be? 

And yet, here it is and here we are, together.

Your deep brown eyes are like a rich, dark chocolate and you can melt my heart with one emotion filled look from them.  It has always been that way.  You carry your heart in your eyes.  And that heart, Oh boy! It is so full!  Full of love, kindness, compassion, and a desire to serve.


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I remember when you were just a babe. You would gently brush your fingers through the ends of my long hair.  You would pick out a curl and run your fingers down it.  There was never any pulling or yanking; just gentleness.  This same gentleness is still within you.  It glows from your eyes, it fills your heart. There are times when you push it aside, but it always returns in a rush like a never ending natural spring. It can’t be hidden, removed, or covered over, because it has to flow.  Therefore it finds a way out. 

That’s you sweet boy.

A gushing spring of gentleness.

Don’t cover it. Don’t stifle it.

Use it to touch others. Use it to bring glory to the Lord.  Use it because it is your gift.



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I know the Lord has great, grand plans for you with this gentle spirit He has placed within you.   Oh, how I see God working in you!   When you came to me telling me you wanted to lead our Sunday devotion time while we were on vacation, I praised the Lord. He is using you! How exciting to see that you are following His leading.  You have told us that you desire to be a missionary and I can absolutely see you doing this.  If this is God’s plan for your adulthood then I pray that you will stay true to His calling. 


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Another year has flown by and with it another birthday has come.  And another year of a blessing of calling you my son.  You are a treasure, pure and simple!


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SycamoreLane Photography-Child photography


And I love you until my heart feels like it is breaking apart because it is SO full!

Happy Birthday, Tuddy!


  1. Precious post my sweet friend! Your young man is growing up!! Happiest of Birthdays to your brown-eyed twelve year old! :) Love, Camille

  2. so very sweet...
    happy, happy birthday!!!! :)

  3. Exactly how I would write about my boys.
    Love this and your heart for your children!
    Happy weekend, dear mama...and happy birthday, sweet boy.

  4. Its amazing how fast our children grow! Love this post!! Happy Birthday to him!

  5. Sorry I'm so late to the party ;) Blog reading has been getting pushed to the back burner. Love that sweet boy's dimples! Hard to believe he's almost a teenager!


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