Tuesday, November 12, 2013

It’s Here!

let it snow-w


Little Sis, is so excited!  It was white when she woke up today and she was ready first thing to get her sled and try the hill out.  To run out and make snow angles ALL OVER.  To make a snow kitty and a snow person. To roll around, to taste, to enjoy!

I love her excitement, because I feel it, too! 

Yesterday when I was in town I heard so much grumbling about the snow.  It was almost painful to hear all the complaining. 

I understand that the cold does bring with it some hardships.  I know and understand because I have Raynaud’s disease  and deal with pain in my feet almost every day during the  cold months. 

But, still when I see the changing of the seasons, when I see those first snow flakes floating down there is an unexplainable joy within me.  For me, it is like a kiss from God, those snowflakes so airy and light landing on my nose and eyelashes.  In them I was see all the beauty, all the magnificence that our Creator is showering down upon us. 

It pulls my gaze upwards, removing it from the earthly things.

As I gaze upwards into the shimmering sheet of whiteness, I feel His presence.  It is unexplainable, but oh so sweet!


  1. What a great photo..
    I love it when it snows and in fact we've had our first flakes today! They are such a sweet sprinkle/reminder of God's Cleansing Mercy (whiter than snow!) on our lives.

    I have another friend who struggles with this disease. I've never heard of it - before her. She says just to dig something out of the deep freezer will trigger it.

    1. Yes, digging in the freezer is always painful.

  2. I adore this photo!!! So excited you got snow!! Now send it over here :) Have a blessed Winter :)

  3. We had a good covering of snow too! The kids went out to play first thing this morning and didn't come back inside until 11:00... and only because I made them so we could start school :) It's always so exciting to see the first flakes. I love them too!

  4. I don't believe you - it can't possibly be snowing already. You just had the kids blow glitter at the camera, didn't you? ;o)

    In all seriousness, I can't believe that it's already winter. Even Nashville got a few flurries yesterday!

  5. Oh what a sweet photo. I love it. I must admit that I am not fond of winter/snow (although I do find it pretty) but I hate driving in it. Perhaps now I'll try harder to enjoy it's beauty.

  6. wow! we've been listening to Christmas music =) looking forward to snow here.
    God bless~

  7. Just stopping by to let you know I am planning to take a break from blogging until after Christmas. May the Lord bless you each with His peace and presence always. Merry Christmas to you all! XO

  8. Yes, I agree.. we don't get much snowfall in the Pacific NW, but I love it! Even when it meant I drove my 40' transit style school bus loaded with kids back and forth to school... it is magical and does draw one into the wonder of God's creation...


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