Thursday, December 12, 2013

Relaxed and Perfect Homeschool Days


I love these homeschool days, when the snow is gently falling outside my windows, the birds are flocking to my feeders, warm heat is circulating through the vents, and we can start school off right with a warm bowl of Baked Blackberry Oatmeal.  Not to mention we can still be in our jammies, snuggled under quilts, wearing slippers, or sprawled across the couch and still get our schooling done!


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And when I take a few moments from teaching, correcting, or laundry folding,  I see some amazing things and some that make me laugh.

  • My boys working hard… love it.
  • The silence that comes with enjoyment in a really good book…. the best.
  • My vantage point from the dining room table where I can watch my kids getting  comfy and learning… perfect.
  • The giggles and laughter that bubble up when Sneakers (our cat) decides he wants to do school too… hilarious.
  • Living these moments with my beautiful children…. priceless.


  1. How wonderful! Love your perspective! Enjoy your time with your kids!

  2. Oh! It looks so cozy! I need to incorporate some of the cozy aspects a little more :) Sorry I haven't "visited" your blog in a few weeks. I haven't been checking Bloglovin'. It's been crazy here. E dropped his naps, and A is getting 4 teeth on top all at once (poor babe) and getting into everything. But it's a good kind of crazy ;)

  3. Btw, your pictures are always so inviting. These make me want to crawl through the screen and join your school day!

  4. This is exactly how I feel.
    This was a delicious look in to your heart.... ;o)

    Merry Christmas, sweet Jen.


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