Monday, April 21, 2014

I’m Not Mindless



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About two years ago I participated in two studies that gripped my heart and mind:  One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp and Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  Both were amazing studies that built upon my desire for a  deeper relationship with Christ, but even beyond that they awoke in me a need to study out God’s Word for myself.

As I read both of these books I was struck by how each of the authors dug deep into the Scriptures, seeking out God’s Words for themselves.  They weren’t looking to add to the Scriptures, but looking for the truth’s God had placed there.  I realized how little I really knew for myself.  I knew God’s Word, but mostly from what others had taught me or from books I had read.  And so began my walk with God in His Word.

I have begun to dig deep into the Word’s of God that had always confused me before.   Word’s that I either skipped over or shrugged my shoulders at or accepted as truth, because I had heard them preached that way. 

I have a drive within me, that I know is of God, to know His word, His truth.

Some may think I am following mindlessly teachings that they hold untrue.  But, I guess that is what comes when you are CRAZY in love with Jesus.  Some may think I am obsessed with Christ.  And I guess I am.  I want to know Him more and more and more.  I want it more than anything in this world.

And so I study.  I pray.  I seek Him.  I lift my gaze to His.

I am not mindless.  I am not blind. 



  1. Amen! Love the fire He has placed in your heart.

  2. Truly, there is nothing better than to belong to HIM! Love you! Camille

  3. Which also leads us to the word "radical"...this love of mine can not be quieted even if it does make others squirmy.
    Love this. Amen! carry on fellow traveler. You have a travel mate in Kansas. I always find it interesting the way you write. I think I could say the exact same things. When I begin to dig into the word for me, for the knowing of opposed to just listening and observing and took to a whole new different kind of color. xoxo


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