Saturday, January 10, 2015



It’s happened.  In a whirlwind and a lifetime. It’s happened.

Eighteen has come.

It is sane and unreasonable, my heart. Ready for you to fly, but wanting to hold you close.

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You entangled my heart with your deep brown eyes and unruly curls right from the very beginning.  I go back, deep and I can feel your chubby arms around my neck and remember how it felt to have you snuggle with me.  Those days are gone and I can’t get them back, but I still have my boy who finds me in the middle of the day and gives me a hug or grabs my hand just because.


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You aren’t a man of many words, but those small actions speak volumes.  They show me a heart that has compassion and is tender.  It speaks loudly of a young man who will go far if he remembers to always step out in love. 


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Daily I pray for you, that God will overwhelm you.  That our Holy Spirit will consume you, so that your heart and passion will be for our amazing God and Him alone.  God has amazing plans for you.  He has called You a mighty man of God who will go into this world and share God’s love to the many. You are called to be a beacon, a lighted fire that attracts those in need.  In the days to come, God will use you to speak of His peace, His glory, His majesty, and His amazing all encompassing love.  Be ready for amazing change as you walk out with Him.


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As you step into the newness of eighteen, step with God, always.  Keep your eyes upon Him and you will never wander off the path He has laid before you. These days to come will be grand and glorious, eye opening and heart altering, remember with God all things are possible.


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My gorgeous, beautiful son.  I love you with a never ending love.  I am so proud of the man you have become.  Happy Birthday!


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  1. Eighteen!! How quickly it comes! Happy birthday (belated...I am sorry) to your young man my friend. Hugs, Camille


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