Monday, January 12, 2015

Curtain Twirling~ 11/365



SycamoreLane Photography-365 Jan 2015-2- (13)



I sat watching you play Polly Pockets as the northern light softly illuminated the spot where you were sitting.  I couldn’t resist.  I had to ask you to make my vision come alive.  “Lauren, will you twirl up in the curtains?”  

You were a bit reluctant to indulge me, but you are so sweet when it comes to helping me out.   I’m sure it’s the artsy side of you that can’t resist making something beautiful and heart rendering.  I took several shots, that just didn’t work you twirled so much that you where enveloped in a cocoon of lace.  I unwound you and had you peak out at me. 

You tired of my game pretty quickly (even if it did involve twirling in the curtains which you are usually discouraged from doing).

But, I got this!

And it makes my heart leap.

You, make my heart leap!

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