Monday, March 16, 2015

2015: 365~ Week 10


The object of a 365 day photo project is to take a photo every day.  I’m stretching the guidelines of this project to fit my days.  I don’t pick up my camera every. single. day.  I pick it up when I have time, when I see an adorable moment, when beauty shouts its gloriousness at me, when I know I want to capture a memory to remember twenty years from now.

I’m not going to make myself loony if I don’t take photos every day.  I make myself loony easily enough these days, so I’m making my own rules as I go along!  The majority of these pictures this week were taken on the same day (the leopard print dress may just give that away), but I’m numbering them as days, so just play along, okay!


Day 64/365:

The many faces of Lauren.





Day 65/365:

No words…. cuz I’m absolutely smitten with this little girl!

SycamoreLane Photography--2



Day 66/365:

A girl and her kitties.

SycamoreLane Photography--3



Day 67/365:

SycamoreLane Photography--4


Day 68/365:

SycamoreLane Photography 2015- 365- 66



Day 69/365:

Wearing a pheasant hat has been shown to dramatically improve your phonics scores!

SycamoreLane Photography--5


Day 70/365:

A GORGEOUS sunset out taken from my back deck right before all of the snow melted away.

SycamoreLane Photography--6




Collage week 7

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  1. Your girl is beautiful (you already know that)...and your sunset photo? Amazing. XOXO


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