Monday, March 2, 2015

2015:: 365~ Week 8


Oh uh! I’ve fallen behind! Some days I pick up my camera and other days there just isn’t time.  But, I still want to document our days and weeks together.  So, I do what I can and I’m not going to stress about it.  I’m going to capture our days; not worry about guidelines and numbered days.  I will remember these days when we laughed, worked, and learned together, because to me they are precious blessings.


Day 50/365

Seventeen days and counting of negative degree temperatures has my children resorting to this!  Isaac marked up Lauren’s face and in return she did each of her brother’s faces, but not until she had bribed them with her valentines day chocolate!

SycamoreLane Photography-4


Day 51/365

When your sister accidently coats the linoleum with dusting spray, you must take advantage of it… sort of like an indoor slip and slide.  I’m thinking we could make this part of our homeschooling phys. ed. program!



Day 53/365

In your room playing with your favorite doll- Lily.

SycamoreLane Photography-

SycamoreLane Photography--2


SycamoreLane Photography-108


Day 55/365

You have been getting up earlier than normal.  On this day Papa prepared and served a cup of coffee to you, his precious princess.

SycamoreLane Photography-2

SycamoreLane Photography--3


collage week 8

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