Sunday, April 12, 2015

2015- 365~ Week 13


Day 85/365:


SycamoreLane Photography- 2015- 365- 85


Day 86/365:

We have a small glorified mud puddle behind our house.  It is a natural spring that had its beginnings as a stream until my boys got a hold of it some years ago and expanded it.  We call it our pond.  To reach our “pond” you have to walk a trail that is bordered by low growing juniper bushes and old scraggily trees.  We have been talking for some time on whether we could successfully get the ducks to know their way to and from the pond.  This week we herded them into the hen house, captured them, and carried them to the pond.  Lauren, Caleb, Jacob, and I spent at least an hour laughing at them.  They were ecstatic, tossing water over their backs, dipping and diving.  Several hours later we saw them appear at the trail head.  They now trek down to the pond several times a day!

SycamoreLane Photography- 2015- 365- 86


Day 87 & 88/365:

This is what I love about homeschooling.  I see fog and I can put school on a twenty minute delay to run outside with my favorite model.

SycamoreLane Photography- 2015- 365- 87

SycamoreLane Photography- 2015- 365- 88


Day 89/365:

Swiss Chard start on my window sill.

SycamoreLane Photography- 2015- 365- 89


Day 90/365:

Spring, I see you!  You can’t fool me.  I know you are coming even when temperatures are in the thirties.

SycamoreLane Photography- 2015- 365- 90


Day 91/365:

Lilac bud.

SycamoreLane Photography- 2015- 365- 91


Week 13 collage

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  1. loved the story of the glorified mud hole!!!

    your model as always is darling.

    Still reading over here, just not enough time in the day to comment like I used to.

    Bless your heart friend. Praying for you always and thinking of you often

    From the backwoods of Virginia to the boondocks of Michigan!


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