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It happened several months ago.  In a rush right after the holidays and then we all just needed time to breathe and just be.

And I needed time to think and let it sink in.

The days add up day upon day and my two year old, with the energy of a speeding bullet, leaps to sixteen, still with energy that can’t be contained,  in what now seems like a matter of moments.


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When I look at you it is hard to believe that you have blessed and graced my every day for the past sixteen years.  In moments when you aren’t looking I look deep.  You, my son, are gorgeous.  My breath gets caught in my throat and I’m taken with your dark eyes and perfect dimples.  To top it all off you have one of the most cheerful dispositions I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.  You are always ready with a laugh and a smile. Which in turn always makes me laugh and smile, your joy is contagious!


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But, I think what captures my heart the most is your amazing tenacity.  You have faced difficulties and struggles.  You have had to work double hard to make the grade.  Even when you come upon frustrating, mind boggling problems, you do  not give up without a fight.

God has astounding, life changing plans for you.  He has called you to great things.  His heart is for you and He wants you to know above all else how completely He loves you.   He calls you the head and not the tail and above your circumstances never, ever beneath them.

“Look I am doing a new thing! I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.  I provide water in the desert and streams… to give drink to my chosen people.” Isaiah 43: 18-21

Through the hardships and the difficulties He has been building you in His strength.  He is building you for greatness in Him.  He will use you in new and creative ways to bring the truth and love of Jesus into the lives of people that you meet.

As you continue on through out this year, moment by moment and day by day, know that you have my heart.  I am absolutely, totally, unashamedly in love with you.  You are precious to me and I am cheering you on at every step. 

Keep going strong my son.  Keep laughing, smiling and finding joy in the blessings of this life.

Sixteen is going to be an awesome year!


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I love you!


  1. You all have raised an incredible young man - and wow, he is so handsome! God has great things planned for him. :)

  2. I love this momma-love letter! Man, your kids are gorgeous. Love this last picture and the one with his bow....Ok, all of them.


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