Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Black Raspberries

One of my favorite things to do is pick the Black Raspberries that grow in the fence rows and woods of my dad’s property.   Words can’t accurately capture the beauty, the peace, the contentment that comes from wandering back into this wonderland.  Then to top it off I get to take along one of my best berry pickers and the excitement she displays when she finds a flower she has never seen before, or an orange grasshopper, or a butterfly…

It is uncontainable!

So she splits her time between picking berries and drawing in her nature journal.  Which in turn makes this homeschooling momma’s heart soar.


And when we stop in our favorite place, under this over reaching Walnut tree, God is so very near and we could spend hours here.  Deep in the grass, hidden from noise, soaking in the playful banter of the woodpeckers and orioles. 

It is a kiss from God.


  1. Love this!!

    I can almost feel the same - a kiss from God! Just by the photos... serene and quiet.

  2. beautiful. ♥
    and I love her sweet little hat too ☺


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