Monday, September 1, 2008


I already posted today, but then I came across this meme on We Are THAT Family.  Kristen made me laugh as she always does.  So, I decided to jump in.  Besides what else do I have to do today! If you want to participate head over to Rocks in My Dryer and link up!

How Long Were You in Labor?

Child #1- 3 hours 13 minutes

Child #2- 3 hours 34 minutes

Child #3- 3 hours

Child #4- 4 hours 14 minutes

How Did You Know You Were In Labor?

Child #1- I went in for my weekly appointment and I was dilated to 5!  My doctor wanted to know how long I had been in labor.  I said, "What? I haven't been in labor!"

Child #2- I was induced, because I live an hour away from the hospital and was afraid that I wouldn't make it because I had had my first so quickly.

Child#3- I went in for my weekly appointment and I was dilated to 3.  The story repeats itself here.

Child#4- Went in for weekly non-stress test because of a umbilical cord that wasn't typical.  Baby was showing signs of stress so I was induced.

Where Did You Deliver?

All in the safety of the hospital.


Yes, except for child #3, but I was begging for them.  I had asked the nurse not to give me any because I wanted to go natural.  However, I was pleading with her about 3/4 of the way through!  I didn't have an epidural with any of them though and that was my main goal.



Who Delivered?

With child #1 almost the nurse!  The doctor was lolly-gagging around because I was a 1st timer.  No way does a 1st timer deliver in just over 3 hours!

A mid-wife with child #2

And an a great doctor with child #3 and #4


  1. Thanks for sending me over to this meme; I played along, too!

  2. Girl-- I am a little jealous. Your 3-4 hour labor makes my 22 hours look like a breeze! :o}

    This was cute.

  3. I could not imagine doing it 4 times! I think I do this meme sometime this week.

  4. I love hearing about everybody's different birth stories...this was so fun to read. I can't believe you were dilated to 5 with the first one and had no clue...amazing!


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