Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

*Okay, I guess this needs a little explaining! Sissy didn't want to sit in her high chair one night at snack time. She chose Isaac's chair to sit in. So, Isaac being a comedian, decided to sit in her high chair. We got to laughing at his long, lanky body in that little chair and we stuck a bib on him. He started hamming it up, so I snapped some pictures. Then, Jacob and Caleb, seeing all the laughter Isaac was getting decided they wanted to try it out. This wasn't a discipline, just boys being goofy!

100_3378 100_3379 100_3381

UMMMM.......Don't Ask!!!!!


  1. ok then explain (eye brow raising) or is it punishment for complaining the baby gets all the attention? ;D

  2. Oh my!-- no happy campers there!


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