Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Challenged Heart



I wearily sat down on the edge of my bed. Every muscle in my back, legs and feet were protesting. I grumpily thought of all the laundry that still needed to done. I sighed heavily as I pondered on how the house had mysteriously gotten so cluttered when we had hardly spent any time at home over the weekend. I struck up a running commentary in my head on the injustices of doing my household duties while everyone else lounged in front of the television. Then my eyes drifted over to my nightstand and caught these words printed on a card.

To read the rest of my most recent article visit At The Well.


  1. God works in mysterious ways doesn't He?

    Have a blessed day realizing all God has for you.

  2. Will pop over there to read the rest! This sounds like me sometimes.
    Love your new Christmas theme is full of snowmen.
    The Girl in the Pink Dress

  3. Loved this, Jenn! Also loved your Fear Not post- Is. 41:10 is one I am clinging to right now.


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