Thursday, December 17, 2009

First of Forever

It all started on the day you followed me home.

Joel and I

The day when I kept looking back, expecting you to turn your car towards your home.

The day when every time I looked back you were still there.

The day when I was so excited I could barely take a deep breathe.

The day when we sat in your car and talked about everything and nothing for two hours.

The day when I knew my life would never be the same.

The day when I knew you were the one, my soul mate.

The day when I knew my heart was in your hands.

The day that was the first of forever.

It's hard to believe and yet it isn't, that we have been in love for 21 years, married for 17 of those. Our love over the years has changed. It has grown, deepened and settled into a comfortable love, like a warm, soft sweater that envelopes and soothes. There is still the patter of excitement in my heart, but it has slowed into a deep, pulse that is so entwined with yours that nothing will ever separate it.

You are my strength. I know that I can always turn to you. You hold me when I am weak. You encourage me when I am unsure. You ground me and protect me and make me feel secure.

You are my personal comedian. No one can make me laugh like you do. When things look grim, only you can put a smile on my face with your wit and crazy antics. When I am blue, only you can make me giggle, even when I don't want too!

You are my love. There is no one else like you. I gave you my heart 21 years ago. It will always be yours. No one can love me like you do, deep and perfect and true.

As Lauren says, "I want to keep you forever".


From the first of forever to the end of forever, you will be my love.

Happy Anniversary!

I LOVE you!


  1. So sweet, Jenn. Congratulations!! We've been married 17 yrs as well. ;)

  2. Happy Anniversary Jenn! What a wonderful tribute to your man...he is blessed to have you!

    May the Lord give you a lovely CHRISTmas as you celebrate HIS first coming.


  3. Whoa! That was very romantic and well said Jenn. You are blessed.

  4. Happy, happy anniversary to you both. I can feel the love! May you celebrate many, many more.

    God bless and enjoy this day together!!!

  5. Happy Anniversy Jenn! What a beautiful tribute to your husband! Nope you have a great evening! Blessings, Faye

  6. What a wonderful post! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Ooooohhhh!!! Happy Anniversary. What a "couldn't be said better" kind of post. Many more years together!!!

  8. Oh my goodness! Well said, I say with tears in my eyes. I often wonder where all the happily married couples are, we seem surrounded by less than ideal marriages. It breaks our hearts. We cannot imagine being more in love and ONE, we are so thankful. It blesses my heart to hear of others. May you grow old together, hand in hand, growing only more in love with each other and God! God bless you both!

  9. OK Jenn! Why don't you just make me cry? I have always loved the story of how Joel pursued you! You are such a sweet couple. I'm so glad his family joined ours!

  10. This was so, so sweet! Hope you guys had a great day!!

  11. "I want to keep your forever..." oh, that sums it up perfectly! And I know he feels the same way about you.

    Happy belated anniversary!


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