Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh, the neglect

Somehow I have come down with a STRANGE infection. Friday evening my eye started to swell shut, weep and itch. I immediately thought it was a case of pink eye. But when I woke up Saturday not only was my left eye swollen shut, but a small sore I had, had on the left side of my forehead had become infected and grown in size considerably. Next came the chills and achiness, followed by a sore throat. And if I didn't look odd enough with the swollen eye, Sunday evening my lower lip cracked from dryness and by Monday morning it was swollen to double its size with a nasty looking sore.

I look like someone beat me up. My face is quite distorted right now. I won't show pictures because it is a bit gruesome!

I went to the doctor yesterday. He swabbed my throat, said it might be strep. Gave me a prescription and sent me on my way. Now I am waiting to see what the culture says. Today my throat does feel some better and at the present I am not running a fever. However, my face is not healing quite as quickly as I had hoped. It stills looks pretty yucky and I haven't seen any improvement in my eye or lip.

I am missing reading all of your great Christmas posts. Right now I would really like a lap top! So, please don't feel I am neglecting you! I just don't feel up to sitting at my desk as of yet.

Anyway if I am absent from commenting on your posts for a couple of more days you will know why!


  1. Oh my, I am so sorry for you!!!! Something we have been using for our lips is Aquaphor Healing Ointment. It is wonderful. One of our daughter in loves had this rash allllll over her lips. For months. She was going through nursing school and the strain on her was stressing her out!!!!! She went to tons of doctors to try to get relief. Our other daughter in love told her that they used Aquaphor. In one day it was gone.

    Just know that I prayed that the Lord will heal you! Keep us posted.

    Blessings and Merry CHRISTmas!
    Love, the Stubbs Family

  2. My ya'll have had a run of bad luck right here at Christmastime. My prayers are with you that you'll be on the complete mend. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas.

    God bless and please feel better!

  3. Oh Jenn! So sorry... it sounds miserable! I hope you're back to you ole' self in time for Christmas! Praying for you!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear of more goings on for you guys... please, get better. We've all had runny nose, coughing and I've had swollen glands for more then two weeks now ... but I never went to the Dr's. Nothing ever really hurt... I've just been doing my own "remedies"... and it's starting to wan and lots of drainage.


  5. You may try this herbal candy, which is pretty popular in asia~~
    It works well on my sore throat!

  6. Marisa shared this prayer request with our bible study girls. I will definitely be praying that you make a full recovery and can enjoy Christmas with your family. What a scary situation and probably very uncomfortable too. Hope you feel better soon!
    Jenny C.


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