Wednesday, May 5, 2010

George Has Got To Go

Last summer all the kids from our church were playing out in the church yard after Sunday morning service.  I was standing on the sidewalk talking when all of a sudden my daughter started screaming. 

It was a scream of sheer terror.  Like something you would see in a horror movie.  She stood, unable to move, arms at her sides with her fingers splayed out. Her mouth was wide open, high pitched screams came out in a steady flow.  Her eyes wide open, whites showing, stared at her brothers hands.

Innocent hands that had come to show a little sister a super cool, huge toad. 

Sad to say, I couldn’t help her.  I stood, unable to move, laughing.  I have never seen anything like it! I was eventually able to remove her brother and his toad from her presence, but I couldn’t stop laughing over the display I had just witnessed.

I’m not sure where her intense fear of toads came from.  She certainly didn’t get it from me. I used to catch them all the time when I was a kid. Not only does she freak out over toads, but you can hear her screeching multiple times throughout the day because she has encountered a buggy.  She even screams over ladybugs.

The other day she was out back playing on the swing set when I heard a blood curdling scream.  My heart jumped into my throat and I ran for the back deck, I pictured blood and broken bones.  What I saw was my three-year-old in a tizzy over a tick that was traversing up her leg. 

So imagine this, a little girl on the potty spots an ant.  Panic ensues.  She is stuck on the pot and there is a bug traveling ever closer to her.

“Buggy, buggy, KILL it Momma!”

Just as I’m about to answer I hear Joel say, “No, you can’t kill my friend, that’s George.”

A long drawn out conversation ensues highlighting the benefits and innate evils of the ant George.  In the end, sad to say George was squished, but not before he had summoned all his friends and family members.

Now several times throughout the day I hear high pitched appeals for help.

“Mom, George is back!”

“Mom, there’s a George in here!”

“Momma, come kill George!”

Thank goodness our neighbors don’t live too close or I’m pretty sure I would have flashing lights sitting in my driveway and men in blue uniforms knocking on my door!

Gotta go!  I hear the call.  I must go annihilate George!



  1. Very, very cute! I have a little girl and she is just the same. She is SO terrified of ants. Tiny sugar ants. I have gone running for many-a tiny ant. She is 8 now. It's still the same. I should get a handle on this:) I don't like George either. 'Tis the season!

  2. We have the same problem here. Lydia is afraid of most bugs and most flying insects are bees in her little mind. Lots of shrieks of terror throughout these spring days!

  3. I think George summoned his friends and family to my house also. But I've already been to the store to purchase some George-annhilation products!! ha ha
    So George and his friends won't be around here much longer.

  4. Too sweet girl....poor George! Heeehehehe! Love it!

    God bless ya!

  5. ewe... we've had george's family reunion at our house before. no fun getting stung in your own house.

    don't those screams age us a year each time? :)

  6. Too funny!
    Oh, the joys of motherhood!! :)

  7. Oh no - ants sure are annoying. I do hope your daughter does get over her bug phobia though. I can't imagine how she could live here - ants are the least of our troubles.
    I remember as a girl playing hockey with the toads ( we lived in qld where there was an over abundance!)
    Enjoy your day
    Renata :)

  8. My oldest daughter is terrified of butterflies. I have no idea why, she just is. Based on her age (28) she probably always will be. Take care and God bless.

  9. Headline BREAKING NEWS: The Super-Mommy does it again!


  10. So funny! I feel for her though, I feel like that towards snakes!

  11. LOL! That story is all too familiar in our house!

  12. LOL! So glad my kids aren't afraid of bugs. I understand your little girl's phobia though. Mine is with snakes and that would be my EXACT reaction!


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